Are Essential oils good for candles? While there is not a consensus on this question among candle lovers, there is no doubt that these aromas provide an ambiance that cannot be equaled with any other medium or fuel. For many people, the scents mean much more than just the pleasant smell of a burning candle. They are deeply relaxing and offer a sense of comfort and security. In fact, essential oils have different healing qualities that you can incorporate into your daily life.

The scents that work best for essential oil candles include lavender, lemon, rose, jasmine, and peach. These scents can bring the essence of your home to life, invigorate you, and make you feel peace even for just a brief moment. Depending on the desired candle scent, the fragrance may be uplifting, calming, reflective, or alluring to your mind. Most essential oil candles target the emotional aspect of well being.

To get the maximum benefits from essential oils, you should combine them with essential oils that are similar in scent. For example, you should use a mixture of lemon and rose essential oils if you want to achieve a light, fresh scent. In contrast, you should avoid using essential oils with a similar scent to lavender. A common example would be lavender with lemon essential oil drops. You should also use caution when mixing certain scents together as they may react and result in undesirable results.

As mentioned earlier, essential oils are often used in aromatherapy candles and the benefits they provide. However, some people are allergic or sensitive to certain essential oils. That is why it’s important to be sure the essential oils you use are completely natural. A good rule of thumb is to choose scents that are similar to your own. Even better, you could mix together three different essential oils and make your own personalized candle scent.

Aromatherapy wax has been around for centuries as an essential oil alternative. It has recently been gaining popularity because of its many health benefits. With its rich, deep scent, beeswax creates a calming effect, while clove oil provides a medicinal scent. Other essential oils and waxes include clove, eucalyptus, marjoram, pine, raspberry, vanilla, ylang, and many others.

When making essential oil candles, be sure to use quality craft candles in sturdy containers. Glass jars and plastic containers do not work well when used for burning aromatherapy candles. If you are using soy wax, make sure you only buy high quality craft soy jars. The best containers are clear or colored (sometimes even glass) jars with wide, air-tight lids. You can also buy cheap silicone jars and place a few drops of your scented oil inside. Just be sure the jars are not colored (there is an entire line of colorful soy jellies available).

Aromatherapy candles can be made in a variety of ways. One popular method is to melt essential oils, pour them into a mold, add water and allow them to cool. This is a great way to experiment with different fragrances and combinations. Once you have your creations cooled, you can put them in a display jar and showcase them on your counter or mantle. If they are made of soy beans, you can even boil them to add a unique flavor to hot tea or cocoa drinks.

Essential oils burn cleaner than any other kind of wax. If you do not want to waste your money making unscented candles, make sure you only use scented oils in your creations. The same rule applies to any container you use to store your candles. If you are using wax cubes, make sure you only use natural waxes such as beeswax. If you are using paraffin wax, make sure you only use natural paraffin waxes. You can find special candles that burn like regular wax but burn cleaner because they contain natural aromatics instead of synthetic chemicals.