The baking cupboard is a great place to organize supplies. It has lower cabinets and waist-high drawers that are perfect for storing baking ingredients. You can also add organizers to the drawers. You can even purchase an arm to elevate your mixer or bread machine from the cabinet to a counter-high platform.

Stackable pantry organizers

Whether you’re in the process of redesigning your kitchen or have a long list of baking items, a stackable pantry organizer will help you find what you’re looking for quickly. These versatile storage containers are great for storing anything from canned goods to spices. They also keep things organized and out of the way. The best pantry organizers are made of sturdy materials and feature transparent or lattice-style lids to keep your food fresh and dry.

If you don’t have a lot of room in your kitchen, you can convert an unused corner or hallway into a pantry. Add a modular rack with lots of shelves and a pretty area rug to complete the look. Don’t forget to store your hats and extra bags on a wall hook!

While a single-piece organizer is a good option for limited space, two-tiered organizers take advantage of vertical space and can be especially helpful in awkward spaces. If you don’t have the space for mounted styles, you can also choose a freestanding model with a pull-out basket. You can choose from different designs and colors for your pantry. However, this type of organizer is not ideal for tall cupboards, as it will become top-heavy if you store too many items on it.

The multi-tier door storage attachments from KraftMaid solve this problem as well. Another option is to use the back of the pantry door as storage space. Designer Jean Stoffer, for example, dedicated a wall to Joanna Saltz’s cookbooks.

Clear plastic canisters

Clear plastic canisters are an excellent option for storage in the baking cupboard. These canisters come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are great for everyday ingredients like flour and sugar. Some of them are even dishwasher and microwave-safe. To make them more functional, look for ones with lids that lock.

For large-scale baking, you may want to consider purchasing stackable glass jars. They are great for storing different types of foods and make it easy to keep track of what you need to buy. These are available in 0.5-liter, 0.7-liter, and 1-liter capacities. The glass bases are dishwasher-safe.

A set of four large canisters can hold as much as 5 pounds of flour and sugar. The smaller containers can hold small amounts of other baking supplies or decorating ingredients. A set of four large canisters is a great option for large families or cooks. You can even use one large container to store pet food or snacks.

When selecting storage canisters, you should consider how much space you have in your pantry. It’s a good idea to measure the depth and height of the shelves to decide how many you’ll need. This way, you’ll be able to select containers that fit into your space while maximizing your storage space.

Mason jars

You can store baking ingredients, frostings, and more in Mason jars. The difference between regular-mouth jars and wide-mouth jars is their size. Regular-mouth jars have a narrow top and inner diameter of 60 mm; wide-mouth jars are larger and have an inner diameter of 76-86 mm.

Wide-mouth jars are ideal for storing large items. They’re also freezer and heat-tempered, making them a versatile storage option. They’re also great for storing things like vitamins. The Kamota Mason jar set has an A-rating, and the lids are easy to clean and use.

Another great use for Mason jars is for home canning. You can use them to store your favorite jams, condiments, and sugar. They can also be used as pitchers. They’re also safe to store food and don’t contain chemicals like Bisphenol A, which can harm you.

Mason jars can also be used to store lard, which looks beautiful in a glass container. You can keep it beside the stove so you can easily access it whenever you’re cooking. They also make great holders for sugar and honey. You can keep sugar in a large jar for easy access or use smaller wide-mouth jars for smaller amounts. The glass lids also make for a beautiful centerpiece.

If you use a vacuum sealer to store your dry goods in Mason jars, it’s possible to extend their shelf life even further. It works by eliminating the oxygen that degrades food. The vacuum sealing process is easy, but it requires a special attachment to work with Mason jars.

Pull-out cabinet drawers

Pull-out cabinet drawers can increase your storage space and offer greater accessibility to items. They also offer a more organized look and can be customized with additional organizational inserts. These drawers can be used for more than just storing baking supplies. This option is a great solution for small kitchens.

Pull-out cabinet drawers make it easy to find the items you need without having to bend over. They’re also a great way to keep your kitchen countertop free of clutter. They also make it easier to access items such as pans and pots and pans. They can even help the elderly and those with limited mobility use the kitchen.

Pull-out cabinet drawers are an efficient way to organize your baking and cooking utensils. They work by having a vertical design and can be installed in base or wall cabinets. They have a narrow lip on the edge, making it easy to reach things in the back.

There are a few different types of pull-out cabinet drawers. One type is made from durable, heat-resistant epoxy-bonded steel. These are very attractive and easy to use. However, they might not be strong enough to hold heavy cookware. It’s best to use similar-weight items to avoid tipping the organizer over.

Mason jars for cupcake liners

Mason jars are a great way to keep cupcake liners handy. Not only are they reusable, but they can also be used to hold small ingredients, like sprinkles or icing. You can also use them as mini dishes for decorations and to catch drips and melted bits of icing from a baking pan.

Similar to organizing your baking pans, you can use mason jars to store your cupcake liners in the baking cupboard. Unlike the cake pans, cupcake liners don’t get used every day, so it makes sense to store them in jars. You can label each one so that you can easily find it when you need it.

Another handy use for a Mason jar is to store paper cupcake liners. The small size makes it easier to pick the liners out of the jar. Moreover, the jar keeps the liners dry. Mason jars can also be used for other purposes, like storing produce in the fridge for longer periods of time. Depending on the size and shape, you can even store carrots, celery, and radishes in water.

If you want to store jars for muffins or coffee fixings, consider using them instead of plastic or metal boxes. Not only will this eliminate bulky packaging, but they’ll also look much nicer on the counter. If the jars are too small to fit on a shelf, you can always write the name of the product on the jar top.