If you are looking for fun things to do in Burns Harbor, IN, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find everything from a Burns Harbor Town Picnic to Lake Michigan’s Hidden Gems. You’ll also find information about the Burns Harbor Industrial Site.

Burns Harbor Town Picnic

On Friday, August 18, Burns Harbor will celebrate its 50th anniversary with a free, family-friendly town picnic. The town will have a beer garden hosted by Leroy’s, food vendors, and a fireworks display to end the evening. There will also be entertainment from the Rebecca Anne Band and free bounce houses for the kids.

Burns Harbor Industrial Site

If you’re looking for industrial land to develop, you’ll find it at the Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor, a strategically located industrial site with over 75 acres of open land. The largest parcel is a 34-acre greenfield site with beach frontage on Lake Michigan and 1,000 feet of dockwall. This site is an international trade zone and has a rich history of processing steel. It also has foreign trade zones and access to a variety of rail and trucking services.

The port of Indiana-Burns Harbor is the largest maritime industrial park in the state and supports over 30,000 jobs. The port is also close to US waterways and Chicago. In addition, a variety of other ports and industries serve the area’s economy. The Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor is the largest international shipping port in Indiana, receiving nearly 400 barges each year.

The Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor is one of the gateways for international trade on the Great Lakes. It receives more ocean-going cargo than any other port in the US Great Lakes. Its navigable depth of 8.5 meters allows it to receive both large “laker” vessels and inland barges. During the 2021 shipping season, 61 international vessels visited the port.

While the industrial site is home to a variety of businesses, it is also home to three major steel mills. The easternmost one, Burns Harbor, was built by Bethlehem Steel in 1964 and was the last large integrated steel plant in the U.S. It has a capacity of five million tons of raw steel annually. There are two blast furnaces and two 82-oven coke batteries at Burns Harbor, as well as sheet and strip mills, coating lines, and annealing and tempering mills.

Lake Michigan

There are many places to go in Burns Harbor, Michigan, on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan. Families can enjoy a picnic in the park, take a walk, or go fishing. Visitors should check the weather and water conditions before going. If the ice is still on the water, it can be dangerous to venture out on the water.

The Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor is located on the shores of Lake Michigan. This port is home to more than 75 acres of waterfront land, with the largest parcel boasting 1,000 feet of dockwall and beach frontage on Lake Michigan. The Port of Indiana-Burns Harbour provides a variety of services to local residents and businesses to encourage development. It is a key transportation hub in the Midwest and provides an excellent quality of life for its residents.

The town is only a few miles from the Indiana Dunes on Lake Michigan, which is a national protected area. The park has 15 miles of shoreline and 50 miles of hiking trails. The area is home to 350 species of birds and 1,100 species of flowering plants. The park’s annual tourism brings in nearly $41 million in local revenue.

For families, camping in Indiana Dunes National Park is a fun option. Campers can pitch their tents or rent cabins near the beach. The beaches are open seven days a week, and are accessible by car. They are equipped with potable water and restrooms. Visitors can also enjoy the West Beach, which has showers and lifeguards during the summer months. There are fees to use the park’s beaches, so plan accordingly.

Hidden Gems

The Burns Harbor International Port is one of the hidden gems of the Region, home to more than 30 companies that contribute thousands of jobs to the area. Andy Maletta, executive director of the Portage Economic Development Corporation, says the Port has many benefits and should be explored by all visitors. There are many ways to experience the Port, including kayaking and a variety of activities that are open to the public.


If you are planning a trip to Burns Harbor, you can choose from a variety of bus services that are available. Barons Bus Lines usually has the most frequent service. Tickets cost anywhere from $5 for short trips to $60 or more for long trips. You can also purchase tickets online with the company’s website.

Holiday Destinations

If you are looking for a small city to visit on your holiday, look no further than Burns Harbor, Indiana. This quaint town is a part of the Chicago metropolitan area with a population of 1156 as of the 2010 census. Burns Harbor has a variety of holiday destinations to choose from, including the beautiful Lake Michigan. The main industry in Burns Harbor is maritime, and the Port of Indiana Burns Harbor provides public access to the lake.

Visitors to Burns Harbor will find that the town is located right on Lake Michigan, which is one of the prettiest spots in the Midwest. It has a pristine shoreline with beautiful beaches and sand dunes covered in green grass and sand cherries. There are also plenty of activities to keep visitors entertained, such as swimming and water skiing.

For an out-of-town getaway, you can book flights to nearby cities. Most major cities have an airport within a few hours of Burns Harbor, IN. If you plan to drive, you can choose a smaller city close by or another large city four hours away. You can also use this list of nearby cities to plan your road trip.