Sleep is absolutely vital to a healthy life. Good sleep promotes a healthy mind and functional body and we know for certain that we’d be lost without sleep.

The problem

Unfortunately, most people get about six hours of sleep when we should be logging between 7 and 9 a night. In our modern time, things are way to hectic for individuals to simply knock right out every time they lay their head, whether it’s schedules, body aches, or too much medication.

Lack of sleep impacts:

1. Memory

2. Ability to Focus

3. Sex Drive

4. The Immune System

5. Less Chronic Pain

The Solution

Which is why it’s better to go the all natural route! By taking in various vitamin supplements and changing up your diet, it’ll affect other parts of your body besides your sleeping schedule and promote good health. Taking sleeping pills is never the way to go as we can develop a bit of a tolerance for them. Before you know it, you’ll be increasing your dose and putting chemicals in your body that just do not belong.

Here are a couple of natural remedies to help you fall asleep and get restful sleep.

Time for Vitamins: Calcium and Magnesium

Both Calcium and Magnesium are sleep boosters and when taken together, they are the most effective. Additionally, Magnesium is good for any heart issues.


Scents like Lavender and Vanilla are comforting and help you drift off into sleep.

Yoga or Meditating

Yoga and meditation cause the body to unwind and loosen up, relieving all tension and increasing relaxation.

Tea Drinking

Just a warm cup of tea is enough to ease all tension but specific roots increase our melatonin levels, thus promoting seratonin levels so you can get restful sleep. Specifically, a cup of Chamomile tea or Valerian tea do so.