KONG Woozles are a fun and unique way to engage your dog in a healthy, natural exercise. They’re super-cute, alien-like creatures that come in three different designs. Whether your dog likes a little extraterrestrial interaction, or just wants to have fun shaking and jiggling, KONG Woozles are a cute and fun way to satisfy both needs.

KONG Woozles are a cute, alien snuggle buddy

The KONG Woozles are super-cute alien toys with a variety of textures and squeakers that will keep your dog amused for hours. They’re made of durable, colourful materials, and are perfect for long-lasting indoor play sessions. Their soft bodies and multiple squeakers will appeal to your dog’s natural shaking instincts.

KONG Woozles come in blue and red. They’re made with multiple squeakers to stimulate your dog’s senses and reward chewing behavior. These toys are also double-layered to last for years. And since they’re made with real materials, they’re also dishwasher safe!

They’re ideal for natural shaking instincts

Kong Woozles are an excellent choice for engaging your dog’s natural shaking instincts. They are made of reinforced, colourful material, and feature multiple squeakers to provide hours of fun and entertainment. These toys are ideal for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

They’re ideal for long bouts of healthy exercise

KONG Woozles are floppy plush alien toys for dogs that encourage your dog’s natural shaking instincts. Made of reinforced, colourful material, the Woozles are the perfect size for most breeds and provide hours of fun and stimulation. Their multiple squeakers make them a great choice for indoor play sessions.