This storage cube by Better Homes & Gardens features an open back design and eight sections measuring 13″ x 15″ x 13″. It can be used either horizontally or vertically. It is made from 54 percent particle board, 39 percent MDF, 6 percent paperboard, and one percent iron. It can support up to 100 pounds when used vertically and up to 150 pounds when used horizontally. It requires assembly and comes with instructions. You will need a Phillips head screwdriver to put it together.

Value for money

If you’re looking for a reliable multi-tool that’s not overly expensive, the Better Homes and Gardens Cube Storage Organizer is a good choice. The 8-cube unit comes with removable shelf compartments and can be assembled in any way you wish. It is sturdy and comes in several different colors.

The cubes themselves are made from wood composite and particle board. They weigh about 41 pounds and arrive in decent packaging. The cubes also come with an L-shaped bracket and hardware to mount them on the wall. They are available in three different finishes: black with nails, gray, and white.

Easy to use

When purchasing a better homes and gardens cube organizer, consider the quality and durability of the product. A durable product is important, as it will last for years without showing signs of wear and tear. The price should also be reasonable. A few of these storage solutions are worth their price, but many don’t. To get the most out of your money, make sure to shop around and get the best price possible.

Better Homes and Gardens cube storage organizers are very functional and attractive. There are several colors to choose from, and each unit includes the hardware necessary for assembly. These storage cubes are perfect for the home, as they are available in a variety of sizes. Additionally, the cubes can be used for display of books or collectibles, which makes them versatile. The cube organizer also comes with several storage baskets that fit perfectly inside.

Better Homes and Gardens cube storage organizers are versatile pieces of furniture that are very easy to assemble. Many of them are Ready to Assemble, meaning that you can purchase the pieces and assemble them yourself. These units are easy to use and look very sleek. They also come in many different colors, and are durable enough to withstand regular wear and tear.

The BHG Cube Organizer comes in eight different finishes. The majority of them are natural wood finishes. It comes with the necessary screws and hardware for assembly, but it’s important to take two people when assembling it. The instructions for assembly are simple, but you may need to use a hammer to remove the back panels. There’s also a sticker on the package reminding you to use two hands to help lift the heavy item. The instructions for assembly are a combination of short written words and diagrams. They contain all the necessary information to help you assemble the cube organizer.

A cube organizer is a great way to store items and create order in a room. It’s ideal for a variety of rooms. The shelves can be used as a side table, a pantry shelf, a towel rack, or a pantry shelf. These organizers are also great for displaying items. They are also a great way to store items out of season.


The Better Homes and Gardens cube organizer is a sleek, versatile storage unit. It comes in several different colors and includes all the hardware needed to assemble the system. It is perfect for home use. It also comes with a variety of better homes and gardens storage baskets that fit perfectly into the unit.

Whether it’s for your closet, bedroom, or office, the Better Homes & Gardens 8 Cube Storage Organizer provides a lot of storage functionality. This piece comes in multiple finishes and has eight compartments, and is able to be used horizontally or vertically. These pieces are designed to help you organize your home and make daily tasks more manageable.

Storage space

The Better Homes and Gardens 25 cube organizer is a stylish, functional way to organize your home. This organizer comes in several colors and includes all of the hardware you need to assemble it. It is ideal for home storage, and you can purchase a variety of Better Homes and Gardens storage baskets to fit inside.

This storage unit features eight square-shaped cubes for convenient access to your items. It is made of sturdy particle-board and MDF, with a metal base. These cubes can hold books, trinkets, throw blankets, and shoes. It can be used as a stand-alone piece or paired with another cube organizer.