Located 19 miles southwest of downtown Boston, Millis is a town in Norfolk County, Massachusetts. Its population is around 8,460. It borders Holliston, Medfield, and Sherborn. Whether you want to spend an afternoon at the beach or catch a baseball game, you’ll find plenty of options in Millis.


The Millis Recreation Department is a great place to visit if you want to enjoy a wide variety of entertaining, educational, and extracurricular activities. From recreational sports programs to canoe launches, Millis has something for everyone to enjoy. The recreation department also works closely with the community to ensure that the activities offered align with the needs and interests of residents.

The duties of the Parks and Recreation Department Supervisor include directing and supervising employees and volunteers, planning and documenting daily activities, establishing priorities, and establishing partnerships. Additionally, the job description calls for supervisors to oversee routine maintenance, supervise landscape crews, and work with outside organizations and departments to ensure compliance with rules and regulations.


If you’re looking for things to do in Millis, the libraries are a great place to start. The Millis Public Library opened in the late 1960s and is now filled to capacity. With only five staff members and a tiny office, the library is always bustling with people. The library offers three story times each week and a meeting room that can accommodate up to 20 people. The library recently hosted an author talk by Jeff Kinney.

The library’s director is considering adding circulating fine art to its collection. She’s not the first to propose the idea. She’s given presentations on the topic and is trying to determine how the community wants to utilize the space. She also hopes to make the library patron-centered. The goal is to serve the community as a whole. To that end, Lent is also evaluating the needs of the library’s patrons.

The Millis Public Library is located on Exchange and Main streets. The library’s remodeled space is open and airy. Inside, the public can use free computers, books, and other resources. The library also has a lending library, which allows patrons to borrow sewing machines, metal detectors, cake pans, ukuleles, and much more. The loan period is two weeks, and the cost is only 10 cents per day.

One of the things to do in Millis is take an interactive language learning class. The Millis Public Library has an online platform called Mango Languages. It allows users to learn more than 70 different languages. The program requires a free account, an email address, and a Millis library card. The application is available for Apple and Android devices.


Millis High School is a public high school located in Millis, Massachusetts. The school building includes a high school and middle school. It has a diverse student population and offers many extracurricular activities. The school has been in operation since 1926 and currently enrolls approximately 400 students. In addition to teaching students about the fundamentals of math, science, and English, Millis High School also offers advanced placement courses.

The schools in Millis are recognized for their social responsibility and academic excellence. Each school is committed to inspiring students to achieve personal excellence and to become lifelong learners. Approximately 14% of Millis students attend private schools, compared to the state average of 12%. For parents who want to consider a private school, consider taking a look at what options are available.

The public schools in Millis have a combined enrollment of 1,156 students. The student body is composed of 49% male and 51% female students. N/A percent of students in Millis are eligible for federal free and reduced price lunch programs. One percent of students are considered English language learners. The school district’s teachers are all fully licensed and have at least three years of experience. The school district also employs unspecified numbers of full-time counselors.


Located in the southern part of the state of Ohio, Millis is a perfect place to shop for clothing and gifts. It has many stores that sell everything from shoes to household items. The town has several thrift stores. You can also find unique items at these shops, which accept donations. You can find the locations of these stores on a map, and you can learn about their hours and special events.

Places of historical significance

If you’re planning a visit to Millis, you’ll probably want to see some of the town’s historic sites. The first Colonial settler in the area was George Fairbanks, whose homestead is considered to be the oldest timber-framed house in North America. It’s also home to the Stone House, which was constructed in the 1640s as a garrison during an uprising by Native Americans. LaCroix’s research uncovered the building’s location and other sites that had historical significance. In 1912, the Peabody Museum studied the Earthworks in the area.

The area around Causeway Street was a major industrial hub in early Millis. The town’s clay and sand pits were used for brick making. These bricks were then used to build many of the town’s large estates. Today, the remains of these pits are preserved as ponds. The abandoned pits are home to a variety of species of wildlife.

The Millis Historical Commission is working to restore this historic structure. The town is also home to Tangerini’s Spring Street Farm, which offers local produce, ice cream, and a restaurant. The town also boasts Uncle Ned’s Fish Factory, which is the largest fish retailer in New England. The store specializes in exotic fish and offers tank window shopping for those who want to buy some of the exotic creatures.

Visitors to Millis should also visit the Armenian Library and Museum of America. The town’s railroad lines were once part of the Bay Colony Railroad, which is now mostly defunct. The MBTA owns several miles of the tracks and leases the rest of the line. The line merges with the MBTA Commuter Rail in Needham.


Whether you’re in the mood for a romantic dinner for two, or a quick lunch for the whole family, there are many options for dining in Millis, Illinois. Food delivery services like Uber Eats can help you find restaurants in Millis that deliver. You can use the app to search for nearby restaurants by address or star rating. You can also look for the most popular restaurants in Millis, or search for a particular cuisine.

Among the restaurants in Millis, there’s Mississippi Dunkin Donuts, which is centrally located and clean. The restaurant also offers hot and cold beverages, including decaf iced lattes, iced tea, and mini coolattas. Whether you’re in town for a business conference, or simply want a quick bite, the Mississippi Dunkin Donuts is a great stop in Millis.