Purina Bella dog food contains a minimum of 26% protein, 15.5% fat, 4% fiber and 12% moisture, giving your dog an energy boost. A single cup contains 357 calories. It is made with chicken by-product meal. The wet formula contains 8% protein, 3% fat, and 82% moisture.


Ingredients of Purina Bella dog foods differ from traditional canned dog food. A large percentage of the food contains meat, such as chicken and beef. Several other ingredients are controversial, such as meat by-products, which are made from animal parts. In the case of Purina Bella, these by-products are replaced with a higher quality alternative. In order to maintain a reasonable price, these controversial ingredients must be sacrificed in order to create a palatable product. Consequently, a more expensive dog food will have fewer controversial ingredients than a less expensive one.

In addition, the ingredients of Purina Bella dog food may not be as healthy as those of other brands. Some Purina Bella formulas contain less protein than other brands, which may mean that your pet will eat more than they should. But remember that your pet needs the same amount of nutrients regardless of their diet. It is worth noting that Purina Bella dry dog food has generally high ratings, but you might find that your dog prefers the wet variety more. If you want to know more about the ingredients of Purina Bella dog foods, you can read reviews on Chewy.

Purina Bella dog food has several varieties that are meant for small breed dogs. Unlike traditional canned dog food, these formulas are smaller in size and therefore contain less volume. This makes them ideal for small breed dogs. In addition, some of the recipes are grain-free, and others are all-natural. Many Purina Bella recipes contain real chicken and beef. They have 13 different recipes to choose from.

Purina Bella Natural Bites Plus is another dry dog food that contains real chicken and beef. It is made with added vitamins and minerals. And it contains no artificial colors or flavors. This makes Purina Bella Natural Bites Plus an excellent choice for small adult dogs.

Purina Bella is one of the most widely recommended brands of dog food for small breeds. Its dry and wet dog food formulas are specifically designed for small breeds. The company is owned by Nestle, the world’s largest food and drink processor. The company uses mostly domestic ingredients.


When it comes to food safety, the Purina Bella sub-brand has a good safety record. The company has not had a single dog food recall in the past four years. However, there have been several recalls for other Purina products. For example, the company voluntarily recalled livestock and wildlife feed in October of 2021 because of elevated urea levels. Additionally, elevated calcium levels have also been linked to several pet food recalls, including one that involved Purina’s lamb chow.

If you have concerns about the safety of a particular Purina dog food product, consult with a veterinarian. The Purina Bella brand is considered a good choice for most dogs. Its recipes are natural, nutrient-dense, and nutritious. You can also find recipes for specific breeds and life stages in the company’s product line.

The Purina Bella wet and dry food formulas are made from natural ingredients and contain added vitamins and minerals to maintain your dog’s health. The Bella brand also offers several delicious wet dog food pates for smaller breeds. This wet dog food also contains a lot of meat pieces and is a great choice for those dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Purina Bella dog food is a popular choice for people with small dogs. It contains real chicken and beef along with vegetables like spinach and sweet potatoes. It also has a grain-free formula. Because Purina is part of the Nestle food and drink company, ingredients in the Purina Bella food line are primarily domestic.

The protein content of this formula is high. A typical serving of this food contains 41.7 percent protein and 19.4 percent fat on a dry matter basis (DMB). This food also contains 5.6 percent fiber and 16.7 percent carbohydrates. It has a calorie content of 101 kcal per 3.5 oz tray.

Nutritional value

Nutritional value of Purina Bella Dog Food is a question that should be on your mind if you’re considering buying your pet this food. While the food contains meat, it will have been processed. That means that the protein content of the food may be higher than it really is. Then there’s the issue of what’s called meat by-products. These are the leftovers of the meat-processing process. While some of them are nutritionally significant, others are not.

While the nutritional value of Purina Bella dog food is generally high, some of the ingredients might not be good for your dog’s health. For instance, the food does not contain vitamin K, which is not required by AAFCO for dog food. Additionally, the food contains sodium selenite, a controversial form of selenium that appears to be less nutritious than selenium yeast. This food has a slightly below-average dry matter protein content (about 30%), as well as a fat level of 18%. It also contains estimated carbohydrates of about 45%.

Purina Bella is a dog food line aimed at smaller breeds. The dry food comes in smaller kibble sizes. The company claims that Purina Bella’s small-breed formulas are specifically created for small dogs, but the AAFCO does not specifically address dietary requirements for small dogs. Many Purina Bella formulas are grain-free and/or all-natural. Most of the recipes do not contain artificial colors or flavors, and most of them have meat as the first ingredient. Of course, the quality of the meat will vary from recipe to recipe.

Purina Bella dog food comes in several different flavors, including wet and dry formulas. It is one of the leading brands of pet food and is designed for small and medium-sized dogs. Although it contains high-quality ingredients, it is not necessarily good for every dog. However, it is an excellent choice for most dogs.

Nutritional value of Purina Bella Dog Food is high, making it a healthy choice for many dogs. With turkey and chicken as the number-one ingredient, the food is a high-protein source. It is also rich in antioxidants.


Price isn’t the only factor to consider when comparing Purina Bella dog foods. The quality of the ingredients is important, too. Oatmeal, for example, is an excellent source of fiber and B-vitamins. Brewer’s rice is a low-grade grain, and it doesn’t provide nearly the same nutrition profile as whole rice.

Purina Bella is a sub-brand of the popular Purina line of dog food. It is especially designed for small and toy breeds. It comes in wet and dry formulas, including grain-free recipes. This brand is considered one of the most trusted names in pet food. Although most dogs enjoy Purina Bella, there are certain breeds that may not benefit from it.

The protein content of Purina Bella dog food is excellent. It contains 7% of your dog’s daily protein requirement, and it has less than 5% fat. It contains less than three grams of fiber, and contains 82% moisture. It contains meat by-products, including chicken and lamb, and peas.

While chicken is the most important ingredient in dog food, you need to consider what’s in it. Chicken contains up to 73% water, but most of it is lost during cooking. That means chicken makes up a much smaller percentage of the finished product. Another ingredient that adds little to your dog’s nutrition is corn. Corn is a controversial ingredient, and it has a low nutritional value. Wheat is another grain, with only minimal benefits for your dog.

Another food to consider is Purina Bella Natural Bites Plus Vitamins and Minerals. This dog food is suitable for small breeds and contains real chicken and beef. It is free of artificial flavors and colors. It also contains a high proportion of vegetables and sweet potatoes. The ingredients are natural and contain no preservatives. Purina Bella dog food is an excellent choice for small breeds.