When it comes to farmhouse cubby storage, there are a few different options to choose from. There are the JAXPETY Farmhouse Three-Tier Cube Shelf, the DIY Turnbuckle Shelves, and the white-enamel distressed Cube Storage. If you’re looking for more options, you can even create your own.

JAXPETY Farmhouse Three-Tier Cube Shelf

The JAXPETY Farmhouse Three-tier Cube Shelf is a versatile storage solution that adds a rustic charm to any room. Made from MDF, this shelf has solid shelves with criss-cross cutouts on the sides. It also has an open back, unfinished knotholes, and beveled edges.

DIY Turnbuckle Shelves

Turnbuckle shelves are the latest trend in farmhouse decor. This type of shelf is easy to construct, and is a great way to add industrial style to a room. You can easily build two turnbuckle shelves for less than $32 in hardware. This storage solution is also great for bathrooms, since you can use it as a towel rack.

Traditionally, the shelves are constructed by cutting wood into rectangles and setting them according to the wall type. But you can also create these shelves using dislocated wood to give them character. You can use these shelves to store a variety of decorative items, including unique china dishes.

A DIY turnbuckle shelf can be a beautiful way to organize your farmhouse storage. You can make one to match your own decor style and save money. You can get a free building plan here. For a farmhouse look, consider using distressed wood. The darker stain helps to contrast with the grey paint on the walls, and will make your farmhouse accents stand out. In addition to a rustic farmhouse look, you can also add canisters and mugs to your shelves.

Another way to update an antique shelf is to add industrial pipes. You can use the pipes to anchor the wooden boards. You can also use them to display vintage accents such as signs and family photos. Another great idea is to turn an old bookshelf into a storage solution. Update the wood surface to add an aged look, and the texture will make the stored items pop. You can also add casters to the bottom board to allow easy movement.

DIY White Enamel Distressed Cube Storage

Create storage in your kitchen with this DIY White Enamel Distressed Cubby piece. This storage solution is great for storing smaller items like napkins and wrapped candies. It is made with durable chippy white enamel and features a lid for each cubby.