Organic and all natural products are those that have not been processed or chemically treated. An all natural product is also a substance or compound produced by a living thing (i.e., plant, animal, fungus, etc.) in its natural state. In its most basic form, all natural products consist of anything produced by living things. That may sound like a rather complicated definition, but it is one that is easily understood by anyone who has ever tried to eat organically grown or naturally produced foods.

If you have ever attempted to buy any of the “natural products” that are promoted on television, you probably noticed that they are all very similar. They all claim to be “all natural,” but what does that really mean? What part of the food or beverage do we need to consider when saying that it is “all natural?” And, more importantly, how accurate are these claims about what these products contain? Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular TV all natural products, and see if any of them meet the criteria outlined below.

First up is Dr. Engelman’s famous skin-care line. Dr. Engelman sells cleansing pads, exfoliating mitts, facial masks, and moisturizers. He makes his product choices based on what ingredients he thinks are best for his customers’ skin-health needs. Most of the product ingredients are derived from plants, and he encourages customers to select cleansers and skin-care products that contain “essential oils” such as tea tree oil and lavender. However, he does not promote the use of any synthetic chemicals as ingredients.

Another all natural products producer is Karen Millen, founder and creator of the Clean Beauty empire. She promotes the use of only all natural ingredients, with the occasional use of plant extracts. Her website offers a complete list of the items in her line, which includes everything from face wash to body lotion. Karen believes that clean beauty is all about finding “ways to put our natural power to work in things that make us feel good”.

If you’re looking for Dr. Engelman and Karen Millen all natural beauty products, check out their line of “Eco-beauty” products. Eco-beauty products by definition are “carefully formulated and made with plant-based ingredients to promote health and ecological balance”. The master ingredients included in Karen and Dr. Engelman’s Eco-beauty line include seaweed extract, green tea extract, and shea butter. Their line also includes organic blends of papaya fruit and bamboo extract. There is even a line of personal care products for men by the same company (Eco-PERFITTA), and their shaving cream is available in unscented and scented versions.

If you want to buy all natural beauty products without compromising your ethics, check out the line of “LipSense” by Karen Millen. LipSense is a line of lip balm and gloss made with all natural plant-based ingredients. Some of the ingredients in Karen Millen’s line of “LipSense” include avocado oil, shea butter, vitamin E, and Shea butter. In fact, many of the plant-based ingredients in her “LipSense” line are actually the same ingredients used in lip balm and gloss by Karen Millen. In addition to using plant-based ingredients, these all natural beauty products also use essential oils that are specially chosen for their calming and soothing qualities.

For all of our natural beauty products, we prefer to use products that do not contain unnatural, man-made additives, and so our all natural products like our cleansers, toners, moisturizers, anti-wrinkle creams and lotions, and our “LipSense” lip balms and glosses are absolutely free of sodium laureth sulphate (LSH). Sodium lauryl sulphates is an artificial preservative found in most skin care and beauty products, including most of those made in the U.S. This chemical is known to be extremely irritating for the skin. It’s also a known carcinogen.

The best way to find the best all natural products is to do your homework. Spend time reading labels, talking to people, and doing research online. Check the labels of your purchases, and don’t settle for second best. If you’re going to spend your hard-earned money on cosmetics, you want them to work for you, and the best way to ensure they do is to make them yourself. With a little bit of do-it-yourself knowledge, you can create quality, all natural beauty products that will work for you every day.