The Container Store is launching a line of KonMari-inspired home items. The collection features more than 100 items for every room in your home – from your closet to your kitchen. It also includes items for kids’ rooms. You can shop for the line online now, and stores will begin carrying it on January 15.

Marie Kondo’s tidying up method

If you’re looking to declutter your home and simplify your life, Marie Kondo’s method may be the answer. While many other tidying methods focus on getting rid of items, the Konmari method is different in that it focuses on decluttering each category at a time. To get started, Marie Kondo suggests setting aside a designated time for each area and working with a checklist.

Marie Kondo’s tidying up method has gained popularity in recent years, and the Container Store has partnered with her to bring her organizing secrets to the public. The Container Store also offers a collection of sustainable and versatile organizing essentials that can help you declutter your home.

The Container Store’s latest collaboration with Marie Kondo features items that will help you make your home more KonMari-friendly. The collection features over 100 items, covering everything from closets to kitchens to home offices. There are even cute items for kids’ rooms! The collection will be available in stores and online starting January 15.

Marie Kondo’s tidying method has become a media sensation, and she has become a household name. However, the tidiness guru’s first foray into consumerism caused a stir on the internet. Her first items for sale were pink suede slippers and a boar-bristle broom set. In addition, she even sold a tuning fork that she says acts as a “reset” tool.

In January, The Container Store and Marie Kondo will release a line of storage and organization tools inspired by Kondo’s method. The collection will feature over 100 items made of sustainably sourced materials. For example, the brand’s packaging will use bamboo, wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and recycled fiberboard.

If you’re looking for a way to declutter your home and improve your life, the KonMari Method is definitely worth considering. It doesn’t just help you get rid of clutter in one shot, it will empower you to keep your space tidy and orderly. While this method doesn’t work for every room, it can make a massive difference to your life.

The Container Store’s collaboration with Kondo

The Container Store and Marie Kondo have teamed up again to launch a new line of sustainable, versatile organizing essentials. The new line of products is divided into seven categories. From decorative accessories to home organisers, this collaboration is sure to inspire you to get organized. This season, you can pick up a new organizing essential and add a new layer of joy to your home.

The Container Store is betting big on the new collaboration. The collaboration will feature two large visuals that tell the story of the two brands’ partnership. The retail outlet will also use Kondo’s signature watercolor pattern as wallpaper behind display shelves. Kondo’s message is not only to help consumers become more organized, but also to make their home a more beautiful place.

The collection includes sustainable organizing essentials inspired by the Japanese culture. There are products for kitchens, closets, offices, and children’s playrooms. The products are eco-friendly and made of wood that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Among them are drawer dividers, pantry canisters, and a range of versatile bins.

The collection’s sustainability

The Container Store has teamed up with Marie Kondo to create an exclusive line of storage and organization products. Inspired by her methods of de-cluttering, this collaboration features 139 items designed to fit the KonMari ethos. The collections are made with sustainable materials, and are made to house items that spark joy.

The Container Store is a specialty retailer known for its storage and organization products, and the new line from KonMari will be available in stores and online starting in January 2021. The collection includes over 100 items sourced from sustainable suppliers that will help consumers create a more organized and joyful home.

The Container Store is betting big on the new line. The new collection will feature two large visuals telling the story of the partnership. The store will also feature Kondo’s signature watercolor pattern on the wall behind the display shelves. The Container Store currently has 93 locations across the country. One store features a full-sized Kondo collection, while the other has a smaller collection.