Non toxic makeup has been around for quite some time. However, with the recent popularity of organic makeup products and natural skin care products, non toxic makeup has become quite popular. The most popular non toxic brand is Maybelline. Other good nontoxic brands include:


Keep in mind that you may react differently to these products. Also, they don’t work well on every skin type. So, please test them on a small patch of skin. These are only a few of the non toxic brands that work well for me:

An outstanding makeup product that has no oil content is Balsamofrost. It’s also non-greasy and is good for sensitive or dry skin. It gives a beautiful softening effect and is excellent for night time. This product is often sold in small pump bottles of about four ounces each.

For people with oily skin this brand is a good option. The colors last all day and they are not oily at all. There is no need to add any oil to your skin with these products. They do require a little bit of effort to get them on correctly, but they are worth it.

One of the newer non toxic makeup brands is Mineral Powder Makeup. It is made from finely ground, naturally occurring minerals and vitamins. Some brands have added color to their powder. These brands can cause a slight stinging sensation on the skin after you initially apply them. They will however, help to even out your skin tone and remove any blemishes you may have.

If you have dry skin, this brand may be okay for you. It contains moisturizing ingredients which work well to balance dryness. The mineral powders are a great addition to any makeup kit. The powder will absorb into your skin quickly and give you an application that will stay on all day. You will also find that they are good for makeup tips as they can be easily used to cover up dark circles, wrinkles, and bags under the eyes.

Many of these non toxic makeup brands contain natural ingredients, which are good for you. Many of them use plant based ingredients, minerals, and vitamins, which are excellent for your skin. These brands make it easy to match your makeup according to the shade of your skin. Some of the colors can even out your skin tone.

Make sure that you are aware of the makeup you use. Even if it is labeled nontoxic, there may still be some toxins in it. You need to be careful and read the labels carefully. If in doubt, always read and follow the directions on the label.

Some types of skin irritation, such as acne and rosacea, can be helped with products that contain vitamins A, C, E, and B. These vitamins help the skin heal. However, these vitamins should be used in moderation as too much of any vitamin can be irritating to the skin. A sensitive skin may be allergic to some of the chemicals contained in these products, so talk to your dermatologist before using any of these products.

You have several options when it comes to finding safe and effective nontoxic cosmetics. You can shop at the drugstore. While the products there will probably be safe, you are not likely to find the quality you desire. Drugstores generally sell inexpensive products that are not made with quality ingredients. They are more economical than cosmetic manufacturers, but they are not generally made with your safety in mind.

You can look for makeup at a reputable salon or spa. While you will pay a bit more for these products, they are generally safe and effective. There are often spa specialties in your area, so you may want to consider one of them. You should not have any problems with these products if you follow the instructions on the label. Make sure that you do not use them several times a week.

The best non toxic makeup is offered by U.S. based companies. The quality of their products cannot be questioned. The testing that they perform to ensure that they are safe does not fail. Their safety comes from strict regulations and constant research. They have the technology and commitment to customer satisfaction that other companies don’t have.