The Home Edit is a popular organizer company with many celebrity fans, including Khloe Kardashian, the “Queen of Organization.” Founders Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, who worked with Khloe to help her organize her home, shared their favorite tips and tricks for organizing her pantry. Clea and Joanna suggest using five pieces of storage for each type of food, including over-the-door racks.

Leslie is a control freak

Leslie lives with her husband in a Texan home and considers herself a control freak when it comes to keeping her home organized. Despite this tendency to over-organize her space, she runs a tight ship. She maintains that the rest of her home is neat and tidy. After reading a post from a friend about The Home Edit, Leslie decided to give the brand a try. She liked the brand’s Instagram feed and purchased some products during the Black Friday sales. She began working with the company after the holiday season.

She runs a tight ship

Home Edit is an organization company that combines style and practicality. Its Instagram feed is a rainbow of color, from orange Fantastik to indigo Finish Jet-Dry. In fact, the team even designed a rainbow-striped nook for the launch of its new product line at Walmart. And to top it all off, the team was dressed to match, too.

Founder and face of Get Organized With the Home Edit, Leslie lives in a Texas house with her husband. She describes herself as a “control freak” who runs a tight ship. Although she admits that her home isn’t always pristine, she is proud that her house is generally clean. She was inspired by the brand after a friend suggested it to her on Instagram. She checked out the feed and bought a few of the organizing guru’s products during Black Friday. She began working on her home organization business in earnest after the holidays.

Aside from being an expert in organizing home spaces, The Home Edit also offers off-camera consulting services. These services start at $595 for a virtual consultation, which includes hauling, purging, and rainbowfying. While their off-camera services may not be as detailed as their on-camera services, you can still benefit from their advice.

She bought the Home Edit pantry organization during a Black Friday sale

Leslie and her husband live in a Texan house, where Leslie is a “control freak” who likes to keep things in order. She is proud of the fact that her home is mostly organized. When she first heard of The Home Edit, she was intrigued by the brand’s Instagram feed and reached out to the brand. Leslie was so impressed with their products that she bought some during a Black Friday sale.

Pantry organization is a major task for the kitchen, but the Home Edit line can help you get there. The brand has a wide variety of organizational products, from stylish plastic bins to multi-purpose packs. It is a great place to begin a reorganization project.

She uses multipurpose bins

Multipurpose bins are essential for maximizing space and keeping items organized on open shelves. These bins from The Home Edit are stackable and clear and are perfect for storing everything from packaged goods to produce. They are also great for organizing kitchen towels and linens. Plus, they feature integrated handles for added convenience.

The Home Edit is a well-known blog and book on home organization. Its products include everything from multipurpose bins to individual storage bins. Its pantry collection is particularly impressive as it has a variety of uses, from storing cans to storing snacks.

Many of The Home Edit’s containers are clear, which lends a signature look to the organization line. The clear containers come in a variety of sizes and styles and can be found at places like The Container Store. They also have a handy divider in the middle. They’re great for storing a variety of items, and they’re also great for hiding less-pretty items. The Home Edit also has clear baskets, which add warmth to their shelves and conceal less-pretty items.

The Home Edit uses a multipurpose storage system that comes with two large bins for larger pantry items and two small ones for smaller items. In addition to the pantry edit, the company also offers a bathroom storage set, detergent set, and catch-all organizer.

She’s inspired by Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin

“The Home Edit” is a new Netflix show that features a team of organization experts who help people in real life organize their homes. The two organizers, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, are famous for their methods for organizing celebrity homes, but the series is not limited to celebrities. They also have a section of their products that are designed for ordinary people.

Their work is based on a system called “The Home Edit”, which combines interior design with conventional organization. They offer full-service and virtual services through their website. The team’s work has been featured in publications such as Architectural Digest and People. Joanna and Clea are also New York Times bestselling authors.

While many organizations are aimed at organizing a pantry, The Home Edit takes a more stylish approach to organizing. Their designs are visually appealing and color coordinated. The team’s system helps customers get rid of disorganized spaces while maintaining an organized aesthetic.

Using this system, you can keep your pantry organized. The Home Edit recommends cleaning up Sharpie marks before reorganizing. It’s also a good idea to arrange items in color patterns. Using The Home Edit’s guidelines, you can maintain a streamlined pantry for a long time.

She’s inspired by Joanna Teplin’s pantry organization

Home organization is a huge part of the content on The Home Edit, which is a Nashville-based blog that showcases products from Target and The Container Store. The authors take traditional organizing and put it into a modern context. Their work is based on client feedback, and they use products such as clear vinyl, stylish bins, and decorative baskets to make rooms look cohesive and organized.

Teplin’s work is so inspiring that she’s a regular contributor to the “This Old House” website. The show, which was praised by consumers, has been renewed for a second season on Netflix. While the authors’ ideas aren’t necessarily a “me too” approach, they emphasize the importance of using containers to showcase different types of foods. For instance, they place produce in wooden boxes to make the pantry feel like a mini farmer’s market. This also makes it easier to see different types of food.

The Teplin home features two levels, with separate areas for kids and adults. The kids’ area has bins, while the adult area has a separate nook. Above the drawers, there are labeled bins to separate the contents of each area.

The Home Edit pantry organization is a great way to make your home more organized. It can help you save money and organize your pantry in a way that is easy to maintain. The Home Edit storage system includes two large bins and two small bins on a three-tier platform. You can also use the multipurpose collection to get more storage in different areas. For example, you could buy a pantry edit for just $25. You can also purchase a laundry set for detergents for $25. There is also a catch-all organizer.