There are many ways to organize a very small closet. Closet organizers should utilize every inch of the closet, including the vertical space. For example, store less-used items up high. To reach higher items, invest in a small step stool and use closed containers. Labeling is an important step to organizing.

Built-in slide out baskets

Built-in slide out baskets can help you maximize space in a very small closet. This accessory storage solution has 11 heavy-duty hooks and a non-slip rubber coating. You can also add a folding step stool for easy access. Using these closet organization ideas can help you maximize available space and make it easier to organize your clothes.

You may also want to consider using pull-out wire baskets. These storage solutions are a great and economical way to create organized living. These storage containers can be used for various purposes, including storing produce in the pantry, storing bagged snacks in the kitchen, storing mittens and hats in the mudroom, and serving as drying racks.

Another very practical closet organization idea is to use shelves. Adding more shelving will allow you to place more hangers and organize your clothing. You can also use baskets or boxes to store items on shelves. Another good idea is to add a pegboard or a wire mesh frame for hanging your clothing.

Organizing shoes and accessories is another great closet organization idea. You can also use shelves to store scarves, belts, and other accessories. Alternatively, you can install over-the-door organizers to store hard-to-fold items.

Clear glass shelving

Adding clear shelves makes it easy to see your accessories and keep them in one place. Clear drawer fronts also help you match accessories with the right storage space. You can also use an over-the-door organizer to store harder-to-fold items. These solutions are great for very small closets.

You can also add freestanding clothing racks to your closet to free up more space. This will help you keep your clothes in order. You can also use open shelves to store folded items, bins, and jewelry organizers. These closet organization ideas will make your tiny closet a more enjoyable place to live.

You can also use dividers to store clothes according to size, color, or season. This will help you keep clean clothes organized. You can even label these dividers with your closet organization system. You can also hang these dividers over the closet rod. They’re convenient for putting away clean laundry.

Hanging organizers are also useful for storing small accessories. They can keep jewelry and clutches off the floor and will free up desk space. You can also use clear acrylic file dividers to keep your small accessories organized. The best part is, they won’t slide around. And you don’t need any tools to install them.

Most people don’t take advantage of the available vertical space in their closets. Instead of hanging clothes on the floor, they should hang them on hangers. To make your closet even more functional, you can place shelves at the top of your closet.

Fabric drawers

If your closet is small, you can organize it in several ways using fabric drawers and containers. These containers can separate clothes into color, size, and season. They can also be used to separate hangers. You can use these dividers to keep clean clothes together, minimizing the clutter of your closet.

Another way to maximize space in a small closet is by using cubby containers. These containers can be hung on the inside or the outside of the closet door. They can help you organize shoes, too, and can help you save space. You can also buy shoe organizers that hang inside your closet and on the doors.

Using pockets in small closets is also a great way to maximize storage space. Pockets are especially useful because they can be hung on the wall, inside a drawer, or on a shelf. If you have many small items, a Cymiler organizer pocket can help you organize them.

Another very small closet organization idea is to add fabric drawers to existing shelving. These drawers attach with Velcro to the underside of a wire shelf and are perfect for stashing small items.

Clothes racks

When you have a small closet, adding a clothes rack is an excellent way to organize and free up space. Not only will a clothes rack keep your clothes in order, but it will also allow you to hang more clothes. Try using multiple-layer hangers to double up hanging space. This way, your clothes won’t look crowded.

You can also use a storage bench for extra storage space. This option is both functional and inexpensive. You can use it as a place to sit, as well as a secret storage area. And it won’t cost you a fortune – just a little time and patience. Before starting your closet organization project, separate your clothes into groups.

Next, weed out the unnecessary items. To avoid cluttering your small closet, donate or throw away items that you don’t use. Then, use baskets or bins to store tops and accessories. Another great way to organize your clothes is by purchasing an over-the-door sunglasses organizer. It will hold eight pairs of sunglasses and has 16 pockets for small accessories. This organizer won the Good Housekeeping Storage Award, and will make your small closet look organized and tidy.

One of the best ways to organize your closet is to hang clothes at the appropriate height. This will free up shelf space underneath for baskets and boxes. Also, keep some shelves for bulky items, and reserve some for smaller items.

Hanging organizers

If you have a very small closet, there are a number of options available. One of these is to use a small closet organizer. This is a good option because you can maximize the storage capacity. You can use this to store clothes, shoes, and accessories. You can even create a scarf hanger. It will save you space and let you keep your scarves and other small accessories organized.

Alternatively, you can buy a multi-drawer unit that sits flat on the shelf. It comes with clear acrylic file dividers that can help you organize your accessories. This way, you can see what you’re wearing and can quickly put together an outfit. Another option is to use hanging organizers for very small closets.

Most people underutilize the vertical space of their closets. You can create additional storage space by adding shelves or a rack on the top of the closet. If you have no space to place a hanging organizer, you can use a branch or other low-hanging structure. You can also double up on your closet’s functionality by installing a double-hung organizer. This way, you’ll have twice as much space for hanging clothes while saving space on the shelves.

When organizing very small closets, you need to think creatively. You can use cubbies or other accessories. You can also use separate boxes for each type of clothing and use multiple hanging rods. If you have a very small closet, you can also use a closet organizer with a rotating system.

Storage kits

You can add more storage space in a very small closet by using storage kits to hold folded clothing. One option is to purchase fabric drawers that can attach to an existing metal wire shelf. This way, you can store smaller items like scarves and hats. In addition, you can use a closet organizer that doubles as a shoe rack.

Another option is to purchase an EZ Shelf, which contains a variety of shelves and rods in a single unit. This system is easy to install and has a variety of accessories to help you customize it. These shelves are versatile and durable, making them an excellent choice for small closets.

Hanging suitcases is another way to save space. You can hang suitcases from the ceiling or install a cheap shelf in the closet. Suitcases can be used to store shoes and other lightweight items that would otherwise clutter the closet. You can also install multi-level shoe storage in the bottom of the closet. You can get instructions for building one for $50 at the website Tom Builds Stuff.

You can also use cardboard sheets as drawer dividers. You can also use these organizers to keep smaller shirts and pants organized. You can even use them to organize a sock drawer. They come with 14 hooks and are flexible enough to work in a small closet.