When you’re looking for places to go in California, you may want to consider visiting Cameron Park. The town is a census-designated place in El Dorado County and is part of the Greater Sacramento area. According to the 2010 census, the population was 18,228. In the 2020 census, the population was estimated to be 19,171.

Cameron Park Lake

Cameron Park Lake is a man-made lake that offers great recreation opportunities for the entire family. The lake offers tennis courts, playground equipment, walking and jogging trails, and picnic areas. The park also has a community center with a swimming pool.

The city is located in California’s San Diego County. It’s about an hour’s drive from San Diego. The local population is diverse, and the area is dotted with many historical sites and burial mounds. The town is close to many attractions and activities, including the San Diego Zoo.

Cameron Park has a population of 19,171 residents spread out over 11.2 square miles. The median age is 45.3 years. The median household income is $54,780, higher than the California state average of $53,482. The population is mostly white, with a small Hispanic and Asian population. The ratio of males to females is approximately 50:50.

The weather in Cameron Park is comfortable for most of the year. Rainfall is average at 37 inches per year. The city has 245 sunny days per year. Average temperatures are in the low nineties in the summer, and low twenties in the winter. Crime rates are also lower than in neighboring cities.

Cameron Park is home to a variety of shops, restaurants, and cafes. Residents can grab their morning coffee at Safeway Green Valley and indulge in weekend brunch at Denny’s or Subway. Other popular places include Copper Lantern Cupcakes, Donuts Delight, and Milestone Restaurant.

The Cameron Park Zoo is another great place to visit in Cameron Park. The zoo began as a small collection of native animals in the 1950s and now consists of 52 acres. It has over forty different animals in their natural habitats. The zoo is a popular stop for visitors on Interstate 35 as well as local families and school groups.

For skateboarding fans, Cameron Park has a concrete skatepark that’s well-designed and a lot of fun. The concrete skatepark has bowls, manual pads, and ledges, making it an ideal skateboard park for any skill level. It’s a perfect place to spend the day with the kids and watch the action.

Cameron Park Zoo

Cameron Park Zoo is a 52-acre natural habitat zoo located in the picturesque Cameron Park in Waco, Texas, near the Brazos River. It was established in July 1993 and features lush native vegetation, splashing waterfalls, and a beautiful lake and pond. The zoo features animals of all sizes, and is the perfect spot for a family outing.

The Zoo features a unique display that showcases different species of wildlife from around the world. Visitors can also view crocodiles, spiders, and waterfalls. The zoo also includes a herpetarium where you can see over forty different species of snakes and spiders, among other animals.

For those seeking more information on the animals and their habitats, the Cameron Park Zoo offers a variety of different tours and events. Many tours include the chance to see behind-the-scenes areas of the zoo that are normally closed to the public. Tours are available for $10 for adults, $9 for seniors, and $7 for children. For military personnel, there is a discount for visiting the zoo during off-peak hours.

The Cameron Park Zoo is an ideal stop for families and groups in the area. It is situated on 52 acres near the Brazos River, where visitors can see a variety of exotic and native animals. The zoo is also a convenient stop for travelers along Interstate 35. It is a popular stop on many travelers’ itineraries.

The Cameron Park Zoo is open year-round and is wheelchair accessible. With its natural habitat and interactive displays, the zoo offers a unique experience to families. There are many animals to see, including lemurs and a lion exhibit. The park also features exotic reptiles in the herpetrium.

Cameron Park

Cameron Park is a census-designated place in El Dorado County, California. It is part of the Greater Sacramento Area and its population was 18,228 in the 2010 census. The town is located just south of Sacramento. It is home to many popular businesses and attractions. The population is estimated to reach 19,171 in the 2020 census, up from 18,228 in the 2010 census.

The town is also known for its flora, which includes roses and tea. The Rose Garden is located on a scenic hillside, providing a beautiful view of valleys. The garden has many species of roses, including Pink Queen Victoria, Maid of Hearts, and more.

There are also three playgrounds in Cameron Park. The Anniversary Park playground is located adjacent to the spacious grounds of the Cameron Park Clubhouse. If you have children, you can bring them to Miss Nellie’s Pretty Place. This popular picnic spot features a granite trail and a large garden with many spring flowers.

Cameron Park offers a range of activities and attractions for families and individuals alike. This picturesque area offers hiking trails and beautiful beaches. Residents can also go fishing or birding on the waters. Nearby Sacramento Mather Airport and the California State University – Sacramento are also easy drives. In addition to hiking, the town offers a variety of outdoor activities, including golf and tennis.

The Strawberry Farm is another fun destination for families. There are a variety of strawberries and strawberry juice for sale in the onsite cafe. You can also enjoy a full English cream tea at the Time Tunnel Café. There are even displays from different eras. You can even buy souvenirs while you are there, which is an excellent way to spend your day.

Another place to visit in Cameron Park is the Zheng Ho Temple, which is home to the fourth largest Buddha statue in Malaysia. While you’re there, be sure to stop in at the nearby cafe and take in the view of the mountain. You can also visit the Sri Thendayuthapani Swamy Temple, a Hindu temple. This place is important to the local Tamil community, and the reliefs are beautiful.

Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge

Located 25 miles southeast of Lake Charles, Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge is one of the most beautiful places in Cameron Park. It is made up of nine thousand acres of coastal prairie and marsh. It is home to more than 200 species of birds and waterfowl. It is also home to egrets, nutria, and whitetail deer. The refuge has a visitor center and three-mile Pintail Wildlife Drive that provides a variety of wildlife sightings.

The visitor center of Cameron Prairie NWR is open to the public daily from sunrise to sunset. Visitors can take a self-guided auto-tour of the area and explore the refuge’s unique wildlife. The refuge is open seven days a week, and is closed on federal holidays. The refuge is located in southern Louisiana and is open to the public from sunrise to sunset. During your visit, you can hike the dikes or fish along the Bankfishing Road.

The Refuge is comprised of two units: Gibbstown Unit and East Cove Unit. The Gibbstown Unit is the most accessible part of the park and spans nine thousand six hundred and twenty one acres of land. The East Cove Unit is made up of salt marsh and is only accessible by boat. These two units are part of the larger Cameron Creole Watershed Project, which is working to restore over six thousand acres of marshland in Cameron Parish. Conservationists work to carefully manage the habitats and welcome visitors.

The Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge is home to hundreds of species of birds. It also has a visitor center with hands-on learning activities and exhibits. The welcome center features a light-up map of migratory bird flight patterns and an animated display on wetland preservation. The park also offers a scenic drive called Pintail Drive. While driving through the refuge, you’ll be able to spot alligators and other birds flying in from around the world. In fact, the Southwest Louisiana area is home to over 400 species of birds.

Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge is part of the Southwest Louisiana National Wildlife Refuge Complex. It offers two lottery draws for waterfowl hunters every year. Applications are accepted by hand or mailed to the Refuge’s office at 1428 Highway 27, Bell City, LA 70630.