In the world of health insurance, there are few companies as ubiquitous as Pharmaca. The California firm offers more than 40 prescription supplement products for sale, including cholesterol control, energy drinks, pain killers, antihistamines, weight loss aids, sex enhancers, and many more. It is one of the biggest and most successful pharmacies in the nation, and its stock comes from nationwide distributors. It also provides a health supplement service and has a mail-order business. But what does it do that is different from other prescription drugstores?


Pharmaca doesn’t sell health supplements, at least not in the way that most drugstores sell them. Although filling prescriptions constitutes a large part of the company’s revenues, it also sells other products and services and has several herbalists, nutrition counselors, homeopaths, and medical experts on its staff to help customers get what they need to cure what ails them. It does not have an HMO or PPO type of pharmacy, meaning that patients can visit any pharmacy in the chain without going through a physician’s office first. That freedom gives customers more freedom and flexibility, since they don’t have to sit down with a doctor or pharmacist to get what they want.

In addition to having more freedom and flexibility, Pharmaca customers also get more choices. Since it sells and distributes its own products through the mail-order option, it can choose more brands and less fillers than other chain pharmacies, which often restrict their customers to only what the manufacturer offers. This gives customers more options and means that they get better products.

There are other incentives to using Pharmaca. Customers get a ten percent discount when they use the mail-order option when filling their prescription. If they choose to buy prescription drugs online, they get another ten percent off the product. This brings the total cost of ordering to only a few dollars instead of the current cost of ordering from a handful of different drugstores. Online pharmacies have become extremely popular in recent years, so this discount could prove very appealing.

Another incentive offered by many online pharmacies is the possibility of purchasing insurance through them. Many employers now offer some type of insurance for employees, which can be very helpful for those who are not covered under their employer’s health plan. With the cost of prescription drugs rising and insurance becoming even more expensive, these new programs could prove very useful to the average consumer.

The Pharmaca website itself does not offer pharmaceutical advice. However, the website does offer consumer tips and information. Customers can also purchase an online pharmacy planner that lists their favorite pharmacies, their phone numbers, as well as other valuable information. Customers can also register for alerts from the website regarding changes in their medications, as well as stay up to date on their eligibility to receive discounts. Those registered for any of these services are notified whenever changes are made. Changes in eligibility only last for a certain period of time, so customers should take a look at their schedule to see if they qualify.

Pharmaca allows customers to purchase any medication from any pharmacy around the world. It also allows customers to find the cheapest medication on the market by entering their prescription information. Customers can save money by buying generic medication if they do not have a long list of medications they need. The only downfall to this feature is that it does not give any indication of whether or not a specific brand is better than others.

Pharmaca has a very simple shopping process. They offer a secure server for payment and product information. Online customers are able to purchase items from any part of the globe, as long as they can access a computer with an Internet connection. This means that customers who are out of town and unable to access the Internet can purchase things from the pharmacy in their hometown. Many other pharmaceutical retailers have similar processes, so it is easy for anyone who lives in a different part of the country to order medications.