There are many different body shaping garments on the market; however one such product that this review will cover today has certain advantages that are worth thinking about if you are seeking a body shaping product.
This time of year is a popular time for many people to think about working out. In certain parts of the globe, it will be summer in less than six weeks and a great amount of people start to worry about all the weight they have gained over the winter. In winter it is easy to hide this extra weight by wearing loose clothing and over sized tracksuits or jumpers.

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The Kymaro Body Shaper is designed to wear as an undergarment under your clothing with the intention of hiding fat and enhancing your figure. The manufacturer claims that wearing this undergarment will enable the consumer to drop three dress sizes when they use this product. Simply measure your waistline to prove these results. The body shaper will not enable you to look as slim as the women in some magazines and no matter what you do to lose weight, we are all different in our physical make-up. Besides, none of us really want to look like anorexic stick figures.

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The Kymaro Body Shaper has the criss-cross back support, the camisole fits high across the back and is especially great for people with lower back problems as the support that this reinforcement give across the back. For people who have been warned not to wear a back brace as they weaken the back muscles. This body shaping product gives support across the lower part of the back and it will not affect the muscles like a back brace is reported to do. Some people who have bought the product report that it encourages you to sit up straight and not slouch, which is bad for your back. This is likely because the body shaper pulls in your stomach, which automatically makes us want to straighten our back, and put our shoulders back.
If you are a large size in your bust area then you will need to wear a good quality bra and this can be worn either over or under the body shaper. If you have a small to medium bust, then it is very likely that you could get away without wearing a bra. This is great, especially for women who absolutely hate wearing a bra. This garment is also low cut at the front, which opens up your choices of how low cut you want to go. If you are looking to show some cleavage, then the body shaper is specifically designed for this.

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The Kymaro Body Shaper is made for comfort too, and the fabric is smooth and breathable. Some of the older body shaping garments are terribly uncomfortable, and not stretchy or pliable at all, but this product is quite comfortable to wear all day long. One reviewer could not believe how comfortable the product was. She stated that she could wear the body shaper all day long and did not feel uncomfortable even in summer.
The manufacturer also recommends that before wearing your new body shaper, that you soak it in cold water and allow it to drip dry on the clothes line as this will make it more pliable and easier to wear. Wash the garment according to the washing instructions included with the product.

So not only does the Kymaro Body Shaper enhance your figure and make you look a lot slimmer than you really are, it is actually good for your posture and the health of your back. The criss-cross straps at the back are supporting your back. If you sit at a desk all day long, sitting incorrectly and slouching can become a bad habit, but the body shaper will improve your posture as well as your figure. The fact that it is comfortable to wear, even in the summer is a great selling point, because none of us want to wear bulky underclothing when it is hot.
The Kymaro Body Shaper is highly recommended for those looking to enhance their figures and look slimmer.