If you’re looking for things to do in Ridgeland, Mississippi, you’ve come to the right place. The city is located in Madison County and has a population of 24,047, according to the 2010 census. It is part of the greater Jackson metropolitan area. In this article, we’ll cover Harold Turpin Park, the Rose Hill Plantation House, and the Turtle Point Nature Trail.

Friendship Park

The Friendship Park neighborhood is unique among neighborhoods in Ridgeland because it is almost entirely comprised of apartment complexes. While most neighborhoods are made up of a mix of different housing types, the Friendship Park neighborhood is almost entirely apartment complexes and high-rise apartments. Nearly 90% of the residential real estate in the area is occupied by renters.

The neighborhood has a diverse population of residents, and the languages spoken by residents are varied. English is the most common language spoken, with 91.5% of households speaking it at home. Other languages spoken in the neighborhood include French, Spanish, and Haitian. Among the different ethnic groups, people from Danish and Haitian descent make up the largest percentage of the neighborhood’s population.

Those looking for a place to walk, bike, and relax can visit the Friendship Park in Ridgeland. The park features a 1.3-mile path and is connected to several other trails. The park also has restrooms and a lighted pavilion. The park is an ideal spot for families with children.

Another favorite spot for outdoor recreation is Freedom Ridge Park, a fifty-acre athletic facility. The park boasts four lighted adult regulation softball and soccer fields, two playgrounds, a concession/restroom building, and a lighted walking trail. Another park in Ridgeland, MS is Friendship Park, which is a multi-purpose neighborhood park facility with a playground and lighted pavilion. There are also lighted walking trails and a fitness court.

The Recreation and Parks Department is one of the busiest departments in the city of Ridgeland. It strives to improve the quality of life of its residents by providing safe and diverse park facilities. The department also offers a wide variety of recreational activities, which encourage residents to learn new skills and enjoy new hobbies.

Rose Hill Plantation House

A visit to Rose Hill Plantation House in Ridgeland, South Carolina will take you back in time. In the 19th century, this plantation house was home to the Kirk family. The Kirks were wealthy, well-to-do planters. Their estate was valued at $152,000 in 1860. During their honeymoon in Europe, the Kirks planned a Gothic Revival-style home for their family. This style was inspired by the romanticism of the old English countryside.

Today, the house is an attractive historical attraction. Its interior is furnished with period furniture and artifacts from the Kirk family. It’s also a popular wedding and reception venue. Although no one lives in the house anymore, it is still worth visiting. The White family has devoted a great deal of research to the history of the estate, including interviews with descendants of the Kirk family.

The Rose Hill Plantation House is a great example of antebellum Gothic Revival architecture. The house has a white exterior and a winding staircase. It’s also located on a beautiful site with immaculate grounds. There are tours available for those who wish to explore the house’s history.

The town has a number of attractions and restaurants. There is the Rose Hill Plantation House, the historic Old Sheldon Church, and the Ridgeland County Museum of Art. These are just a few of the reasons to visit Ridgeland. The Lowcountry city has many things to offer its visitors, including outdoor activities, wetlands, and forests.

Turtle Point Nature Trail

If you’re planning a day trip to Mississippi’s Lowcountry, don’t miss Turtle Point Nature Trail, a 0.5-km loop trail. Popular with runners and birdwatchers, this trail provides an opportunity to relax and enjoy nature. It’s also an important stop for monarch butterflies, whose populations have declined by 80 percent in the past 20 years.


If you’re looking for a fishing spot in the US, Ridgeland, Mississippi is a great place to visit. The city is home to approximately 24047 people and is situated at an elevation of 113 meters above sea level. Whether you’re looking for an evening or morning catch, there are plenty of options for fishing in Ridgeland. The best times of day to fish are during twilight, and points on either side of the beach are typically the best. If you’re not sure where to fish, look for irregularities in the waves, as these can indicate the presence of sandbanks or holes.

The city has hosted many events, including the Bassmaster Classic in 1978, which was held at the Barnett Reservoir. The city has also hosted two BASS events in the mid-90s and four in the last six years. Most recently, the city hosted the BASS Elite tournament in 2017, which also took place at the Barnett Reservoir.

The Barnett Reservoir Rumble is one of the most important events in the ACA’s year-end championship. The event is a final event in the season and will award tens of thousands of dollars in prizes to the winners. The top 10 teams will also receive double points towards the Bass Pro Shops School of the Year.