If you’re looking for wall mounted coat & hat racks that have a shelf, you have several options. Some of these include the Leanera, Universopositivo, and more. All three are well-designed, durable, and come with many great features.

Leanera coat & hat rack

The Leanera coat & hat stand features a shelf and hooks for hanging coats and hats. It also includes a section with room for six pairs of shoes. Its sturdy beech wood construction and powder-coated steel structure are suitable for any environment.

Universopositivo coat & hat rack

A coat & hat rack is a practical way to store clothes and accessories in your home. These items are generally used in public areas and have wheels at the bottom so that you can move them to create more space. They are now considered a piece of furniture in themselves, and can be made from old and new materials, such as wood, iron, steel, plastic, and glass.


This coat rack can be placed anywhere you want to store your coats. It is perfect for public spaces, and the wheels on the base make it portable. This type of coat rack is made from both new and old materials, such as wood, iron, steel, plastic, glass, and metal.