Bots are incredibly powerful in Messenger. Without them, the platform would be a lot less powerful. Messenger now has more than 100,000 bots available to users. These programs are changing the way we interact with machines. They allow us to share pictures, make video calls, and more.

Good bots

Messenger chatbots can be a game changer for businesses. However, their success will depend on their industry and customer demographics. Some industries are better suited to chatbots, and others aren’t. Here are some tips to help you build a Messenger chatbot that works well for your business.

The basic goal of a Messenger chatbot is to drive customers to your website, or a landing page. Some bots can also act as customer support advisors. Others can even track your workouts. While Messenger chatbots can be useful for business owners, they shouldn’t replace other forms of marketing.

The most important feature of a Messenger chatbot is its ability to recognize a human need. Automated conversations cannot replace a human connection, so it must be able to recognize when a customer asks for help. By learning about your customers’ preferences, Messenger bots can deliver personalized recommendations. For example, a travel fare aggregator like Kayak understands that customers may have multiple travel needs, so it can recommend flights and hotels based on the preferences they specify.

Messenger bots can be helpful for businesses that receive dozens of similar questions on a daily basis. These bots can guide potential customers through a process and ask for phone numbers. For a small business that doesn’t have a huge staff, Messenger bots can be an effective solution. But they’re not for everyone.

Facebook launched a bot platform in 2016. This platform allows individuals and organizations to build chatbots. The bots can mimic human conversation and range from simple to sophisticated. Using machine learning and AI, bots can respond to customer queries. Currently, about 300,000 chatbots are available for Messenger.

Using a Facebook Messenger chatbot to answer simple questions can free up human time for more complicated conversations. Facebook Messenger chatbots can also identify the needs of a customer and inspire them to purchase products or services. They can also direct high-quality leads to your sales team. Additionally, these bots can follow-up with abandoned leads. One example is Joybird’s bot, which follows up with abandoned leads after they have left a conversation with the bot.


Facebook Messenger has a great chatbot app called ItsAlive that offers a great platform to build and run chatbots. This chatbot application uses recipe workflows to help users build their conversations quickly and easily. It also has a persistent menu, so users can navigate back and forth within their bot at any point. Another cool feature is the Unanswered Questions tab, which allows you to see questions that your bot hasn’t been able to answer. Moreover, ItsAlive gives you a bird’s eye view of your bot, so you can see what it is doing and what questions it is receiving.

ItsAlive also has a free version, which lets you send 1,000 messages per month. ItsAlive’s premium version has more features, including full analytics, lead generation, and Intercom support. You can even build your own chatbots if you’re not comfortable with coding.

Another popular chatbot on Messenger is Bud Light, which lets users order beer through their Facebook Messenger app. Users of this bot reported an 83% engagement rate. You can also find a bot from 1-800-Flowers, which allows you to send flowers through Messenger. Similarly, the Wall Street Journal has a bot that allows you to view live stock quotes, and HP can coordinate with printers to print photos.

Facebook Messenger is the third most popular app in the world. It’s home to 68% of all app users. Messenger offers many advantages for marketers and entrepreneurs. With the help of bots, you can engage in conversation with your customers and boost your business. Besides, you can also make your own chatbots and use them to promote your business.

Another benefit of Facebook Messenger bots is that they work well with mobile devices. You can customize them with buttons, quick replies, menus, and more to facilitate the conversation flow. Some bots also offer customizable responses based on the information you provide. The KLM bot, for example, provides eight possible options to drive the conversation. It also offers default answers to common questions.

The ItsAlive Messenger Bot App has a wide variety of pre-built chatbots that you can choose from. You can build chatbots using the program without any coding skills and with a few clicks. The user interface is easy to navigate and offers many pre-built bots. The bots can also be taught to handle complex conversations.

ItsAlive Messenger Bot App also offers different editing tools for customizing the chatbot. With Chatfuel, you can customize a bot’s appearance and settings and customize it with different conversational rules. With a free plan, you can create up to 1,000 subscribers and have up to 100k conversations a month. However, premium plans cost up to $199/month and come with advanced features.


If you want to create a chatbot with ManyChat, you have a lot of options at your fingertips. You can select from a library of over 100 different actions, such as replying to new messages and deleting old ones. You can also set the time delay before each response, ranging from seconds to hours. ManyChat also lets you save your favorite keywords and sequences.

A chatbot can be used to answer a customer’s questions and provide support. Messenger makes it easy to share content with your customers, and many companies have started using chatbots to provide this service. Messenger is also an effective channel for promoting new content, such as blog posts or videos. By sending invitations to your subscribers, you can deliver content directly to their messengers. Facebook is notorious for remarketing, and Messenger Marketing can be just as effective.

One of the most powerful features of ManyChat is its ability to generate leads. When used correctly, it can lead to better sales and an enhanced user experience. In addition, ManyChat allows you to run highly interactive and personalized marketing campaigns. However, you need to think strategically. Using messenger as a lead generation strategy will help you nurture your prospects, overcome objections, and remind them about the benefits of your product or service over time.

Another great feature of ManyChat is its integration with thousands of other tools. For example, ManyChat can be integrated with Zapier, allowing you to register webinar attendees, send automated follow-up messages, and schedule appointments. It even works with Salesforce, so you can automatically send new leads to your sales team.

ManyChat is a cloud-based solution that allows you to create interactive chatbots for various social media and text messaging platforms. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to use. With its customizable templates and drag-and-drop interface, you can create bots without any coding experience. You can even train your bots to carry on complex conversations, and if you need to, live agents can take over a conversation.

Lidl Winebot Margot aims to educate customers about wine. She knows about over 220 food pairings and 640 varieties of grapes. Her life span spans multiple channels, enabling her to offer unified customer experience across all channels. She can even customize her responses across different languages.

You can also use Messenger bots to deliver news in specific categories. Wall Street Journal Messenger bot, for example, will deliver news to your Messenger conversations on autopilot. By providing value and displaying expertise, this bot generates social media leads on autopilot. Users can subscribe to daily updates of news, company/stock updates, and headlines.