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A cat spring toy is an excellent way to keep your feline companion entertained. These colorful springs are a favorite among pets and are affordable, too. A cat will play with them for five to 10 minutes. Despite their finicky nature, cats love a variety of cat toys and should be provided with at least one per cat.

Harmony Night Creatures

Harmony Night Creatures cat spring toys are designed to entertain and intrigue your cat. They are made with a beautiful, high-quality cat spring that encourages playtime. These toys also help your cat get regular exercise, and are a great way to strengthen your relationship with your pet.

Unlike ordinary cat toys, these interactive toys are also able to distract your cat from other things in the house, like your vacuum cleaner. Their motion-activated design is realistic, and mimics prey. Many of these interactive toys come with different attachments, including catnip pouches.

This toy features three different ways to engage your cat. Your cat can use it as a scratcher, a roller ball, or a spring toy to play with. The spring toy is great for lounging in, as it will keep your cat from clawing your furniture.

Unlike other toys, the Harmony Night Creatures cat spring tot is not a real prey. Real prey has unpredictable movements, such as running at different speeds and changing direction. Real prey also hides behind furniture, plays dead, and jumps up suddenly. A cat that is locked on a toy is still in the middle of the game, even though it may be moving slowly and erratically.


A SmartyKat cat spring toy is a fun way to give your feline friend a mental and physical challenge. These durable plastic springs bounce and flip across floor surfaces, stimulating your cat’s brain, body, and taste buds. These toys are affordable and come in a convenient pack of 10 for a fraction of the cost of more expensive cat toys.

A smart cat toy can be a great way to distract your cat from other pets and a robotic vacuum. This device uses vibration technology to entice cats to pounce, swat, and chase it. They also change direction when they encounter obstacles, and flip back onto their feet if they are knocked over. A brightly-colored feather tail is also a fun way to keep your cat entertained and occupied.

The Silly Springer is another great cat toy. This lightweight, launchable spring toy encourages interaction and bonding. It comes with plush feathers and pesticide-free catnip. A SmartyKat cat spring toy is easy to launch, and a cat can easily practice tricks with it.

Many pet parents recommend this toy because of its safety. It is a great choice for cats of all ages because it does not contain small pieces or dangling bits that cats can swallow. This toy can even keep them entertained while they’re lounging around the house.

Cat toys are great for keeping your cat entertained when you’re home alone. Providing toys keeps your cat entertained and allows them to engage their brain. Cats will also play alone if you provide them with toys. They’ll be happier, too, if you keep the toys available.