There are several ways to organize your refrigerator. You can use pre-written stickers to make it easier to find certain items. These stickers are usually printed in script-style handwriting, so it is easy for family members to read them. You can also use dry erase boards to list items inside the refrigerator. If you have kids, use pre-written labels to make it easy for them to find the items they need.

Multipurpose bins

Multipurpose bins are an excellent way to organize your refrigerator. These bins are sturdy and easy to clean. They are also great for containing spills. They are ideal for both the refrigerator and freezer and come in a variety of sizes. If you don’t have enough space for an entire bin, get a few smaller ones to fit in the corners.

Multipurpose bins can be used for many different purposes, from storing produce to storing other items. For example, Viv uses one to store her eggs. This clear bin is easy to clean and has a lid to keep out odors. It also allows her to easily see what she has.

Multipurpose bins can also serve as additional drawers in the refrigerator. They can also be great for storing condiments. Some of these bins even have a dispenser for soda cans. The key to good food organization is functional storage. By using containers, you’ll have all the food items you need at your fingertips.

A multipurpose bin can save you a lot of space in the refrigerator. Its six compartments are perfect for storing various items and come with eight reusable labels and a chalk pen for easy labeling.

Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans are a versatile way to organize your refrigerator. They are perfect for storing condiments, spices, snacks, and other items that will not easily tip over. Additionally, you can use them to store expired food, which can help you save money. You can also use them to store containers.

If you don’t know what a lazy susan is, it is a round tray that rotates on bearings. This allows you to reach items from any angle. The concept behind a lazy susan is centuries old. Originally, these trays were used to serve food during meals. Guests would place their plates and condiments in the center, where they could easily spin the tray to find what they needed.

A Lazy Susan can also be used for organizing your kitchen utensils. It is easy to create and doesn’t take up much counter space. In addition, a Lazy Susan can easily be cleaned. The Lazy Susan can even be used as a coffee station.

Lazy Susans are also useful for storing condiments. They free up space on the refrigerator doors and can also help keep your condiments from going past their Use By Date.

Dry erase board

One way to keep everything organized and visible on the refrigerator is with a Dry Erase Board. This convenient board can be a helpful way to keep track of schedules, reminders, and other important items. There are many types of dry erase boards on the market, and some are more effective than others. Choosing the best one will depend on how much you need to use it and how much space you have to work with.

If you need a dry erase board for your fridge, you can purchase one at an office supply store. However, the generic boards are not ideal for the aesthetics of a well-designed kitchen. If you’d like a more customized dry erase board, consider making one yourself. It’s simple and will take less than an hour to make. Since the surface of a dry erase board is glass, you can use dry erase markers to create different designs.

A dry erase board calendar is another great option for organizing your fridge. You can use it to keep track of what you need to accomplish each day, week, or month. You can even write a daily to-do list on it. The board comes with four dry erase markers and an eraser. It can be magnetically attached to the fridge.

The dry-erase boards come in many sizes. The best ones are portable and can be mounted on the refrigerator or wall. You can also carry them around in a bag or carry them with metal handles. For extra storage, some boards are made of glass, which helps avoid ghosting and permanent marks.


Labeling your fridge is an easy way to organize your food. It can make a huge difference to the way you store your food. Simply print out fridge labels using a laser or inkjet printer and stick them to your refrigerator’s shelves. You can even use clear sticker paper and cut them with a pair of scissors. Use labels to separate food items and condiments into specific zones.

Labeling your refrigerator can help you reduce the amount of food that gets wasted. For instance, by using pre-written labels, you can make it easier for your family members to find items and minimize food waste. These stickers are usually printed in script-style handwriting so that they are easy to read. You can also write a list of the items in the fridge so that your family members can easily find them.

Another option is color-coding your bins. This way, you can determine which container belongs to which day. For example, if you want to keep your daily lunches together, you can label the containers by day. Alternatively, you can label each bin according to your family members’ names.

If you want to organize your refrigerator easily, labeling your food is essential. You’ll know exactly what food belongs to which category, and will not forget an item if you’ve labeled it. Labeling your food with a permanent marker or painter’s tape will help you organize it more efficiently. In addition, you can use labels for important information like expiration dates or ingredients.

Putting food on top of the fridge

When you’re rushing to make lunch or grab a bite to eat before heading out the door, grabbing what you want from the fridge can be difficult if it’s not organized. It can be especially frustrating when you’re trying to decide what to make for dinner when there are a number of items scattered throughout the fridge. If you keep your food organized, you’ll save time and energy while cooking.

When organizing your fridge, it’s important to keep high-temperature items and other items on the top shelves. This way, they won’t drip down on the lower shelves and ruin them. You should keep condiments and snacks on top, but leave meat and dairy on the bottom. Use the lower shelves for fresh fruit and vegetables, or to store raw ingredients.

Having a well-organized fridge also makes cooking easier and reduces food waste. You’ll find it easier to grab that basil you’re looking for. You’ll also be able to see what’s going bad before it spoils. Another great idea is to prepare meals in batches and stack them in the freezer.

The best refrigerator organization ideas help you keep your fridge organized and make mealtimes easy. When you know what you have and what’s out of date, mealtimes become stress-free and enjoyable. By knowing what’s missing, you’ll be able to make grocery shopping lists in advance.