Eating well is not about restrictions and dieting. Eating well is about creating new habits and eating healthy. Real food is important. Organic foods and meats, without the use of food additives, like food coloring, hormones, steroids and/or antibiotics are foods that are considered simply natural foods. Foods and animals that are farmed using organic methods will often be grown in more nutritious soil or fed more nourishing foods, thus yielding a higher quality product.

The body will not properly function on limited calories just because you decided it will. Feed yourself and your family. Eating nutrient dense foods and reading labels will prove to be tasty and rewarding. There are so many healthy foods that can be combined to create healthy meals and snacks. Next time you are craving chocolate, skip the milk chocolate and choose raw, real chocolate.

There are organic farmers in all 50 states.
78% of U.S. families are buying organic.

eating well

Healthy eating is all about eating less highly processed foods with added sugar and more raw, fresh ingredients.

There are so many healthy alternatives to sugar which is a ‘regular’ ingredient.

Salt is another ‘regular’ ingredient that can be easily switched with a healthy alternative, unrefined sea salts. There is a vital difference in typical table salt and unrefined salts. One has the potential to destroy your health and the other has the ability to heal. Although there are substitutes for ‘normal’ cooking ingredients, this does not mean eat as much as you want. Still be sure to use mindful eating behaviors to ensure you are not overindulging in too much of any one item.

Starting a garden indoors or outdoors is a great way to get in touch with nature produced foods. Do not wait until tomorrow, go get a pot and regrow one of these foods you already have! There are many foods that you can simply regrow, such as pineapple and lettuce.

Begin eating healthy today by eating to live, not living to eat.