The Educational Apps for Preschool Age Children list contains 5 apps that are great for setting the educational foundation to expand and build upon. There are so many apps to sort through. It can be a challenge to find educational apps that engage children and are still fun. Technology literacy is an important aspect of every child’s world. Technology is so versatile. Apps on Google Play and Amazon. Learn, play or learn while playing! Teach and Learn and Teach after you Learn.

1 2 3 4 5 6 Learning while playing. Kids are constantly learning. Use educational apps to teach technology literacy.

Everywhere they look, every question they ask is an opportunity to learn.

The world looks like images to a child who does not know how to read.

The world looks even more interesting to a child that knows how to read.

Words are everywhere. Once you learn to read, the sky is the limit!

Confident kids build creative minds and creative minds define curiosity! A life of learning.