Home Edit, the organization brand that has become increasingly popular thanks to TV shows like Project Runway, uses slang to describe their business. For example, open racks are described as “perfectly merchandised” while purses are lined up like soldiers. The goal of the brand is to sell clutter back to owners and turn it into abundance. Though the bins and baskets are similar to those from any organizing guru, there’s one difference: Home Edit knows it’s hand-selling through television and knows it’s doing it the right way.

Home edit wardrobe

The Home Edit is a home organization and design company that helps people find the best way to organize their belongings. Its products are perfect for those who have too much clutter and don’t know how to organize it. The company has clients who have an overabundance of clothes and personal belongings. The company turns their homes into stores for their things.

The Home Edit brand is a part of the Hello Sunshine media empire, founded by Reese Witherspoon. Home Edit is well known for its colorful wardrobes. Its Instagram account is full of color-coded products. From orange Fantastik to indigo Finish Jet-Dry, the company offers products in all sorts of colors. The company’s rainbow-striped under-sink caddies are just one example of its products. Home Edit even designed a rainbow-striped nook in Walmart for their product launch. Their team dressed up to match!

The Home Edit’s Instagram feed veers into fantasy land at times. While most of their items are categorized and color-coded, their Instagram feed is also filled with a number of things that lend themselves to organized looks. For example, crayons arranged on a lazy Susan look neat and colorful. Other things like Gatorade bottles and toilet cleansers can be organized into color-schemes.

The Home Edit has become a sensation in the home organization space, with celebrity clients and expert designers collaborating on products. The company has expanded into nine markets in the United States. It is not only helping celebrities organize their closets, but it is also helping people find the perfect way to organize their own spaces.

Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin

“Get Organized with The Home Edit” is a new Netflix original series that shows homeowners how to get their spaces organized. It focuses on transforming disorganized spaces into beautiful, color coordinated areas. The show also offers advice to stay organized. The two hosts are from Nashville, Tennessee, and have a long list of celebrity clients.

The two women met through mutual friends and started The Home Edit in 2015. Since then, the company has managed to amass celebrity clients and has been featured on Netflix’s Get Organized With The Home Edit. On the show, they help celebrity customers organize their homes and watch their faces light up when they see the transformation.

“This Old House” won an Emmy for “Outstanding Instructional and How-To Program” and has already been renewed for a second season. Teplin, who is also a television personality, hosts “Out of Bounds Podcast” with Jaimie and Abby. The show has become an instant success, so there is a chance that you could win a $1,500 Maurices shopping spree and a trip to Nashville, Tennessee.

“Home Edit is an organization company.” The Instagram feed is a rainbow of colors, from orange Fantastik to indigo Finish Jet-Dry. One of the latest campaigns for their product launch at Walmart involved designing a rainbow-striped nook and dressing the team accordingly.

“Get Organized with The Home Edit” features several different types of containers. For example, a wire basket is a common storage option but lacks concealment. It also tends to look messy, and can damage shelves. While they are a good solution for toy storage and blanket storage, it’s not the best choice for a full-sized closet.

Their organization methods

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with your wardrobe, consider watching a Netflix series about closet organization. “The Home Edit” stars Reese Witherspoon and two other organizing experts. They’ve worked with a variety of celebrities and transformed their closets. The show has two seasons and you can watch all of them if you have the time.

The Home Edit team follows four concrete steps for organizing your wardrobe. The first step is to prioritize your items by category. This will lay the foundation for a more organized space. The next step is to sort through each item to determine its priority and where it belongs in your home. Don’t keep anything you no longer use – it can take up valuable space!

Their Instagram feed

The Home Edit wardrobe’s Instagram feed is a good place to start when you’re looking to find the perfect holiday outfit. Leslie and her husband live in a Texan house, and Leslie runs a tight ship. Though her house is never perfectly clean, it’s usually very tidy. She first heard about The Home Edit brand from a friend. A friend told her to check out the brand’s Instagram feed, so she did so. After seeing the feed, Leslie bought a few items during Black Friday and started working with the brand soon after.

The home edit wardrobe’s Instagram feed has been trending for months now, and it’s easy to see why. Reese Witherspoon, who hosts the show, has worked with a team of organization experts to help women organize their closets. Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer are well-known for their work, transforming many spaces. The Home Edit has also organized the closets of many celebrities.

In addition to organizing clients’ homes, The Home Edit also shares organization tips through its Instagram feed. Closets are arranged by color and style, and bins are clearly labeled so you’ll never be searching for a forgotten beauty supply again. Even the refrigerator is arranged in rainbow colors to make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

The Home Edit has a massive fan base. Fans of the YouTube channel want to organize their garage or walk-in closet like Reese Witherspoon and Khloe Kardashian. Shearer and Teplin have even launched two books and co-designed organization accessories with a variety of brands.

Tidying up with Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo is a renowned tidying expert who teaches people to declutter their homes. From harried parents with young children to retired couples looking to regain space, she helps people to free up their lives. Her techniques help clients clear away their clutter and choose objects that spark joy.

One of the key components of Marie Kondo’s tidying method is letting go of sentimental items. Instead of holding on to them, you should let them go and express gratitude for them. She uses the ritual of salt to purify items that have sentimental value. However, tackling an entire room at a time is not a good idea, as it can create a life filled with clutter.

The KonMari method teaches you how to choose items that spark joy and discard items that do not contribute to your life goals. It’s a different approach to traditional tidying methods. Marie Kondo trademarked the method, and it’s not just about a reorganization of your belongings. Instead, it’s about changing your attitude about clutter.

Unlike most TV shows, “Tidying Up” does not rely on a sense of competition, instead emphasizing a self-directed process. It is an exercise in mindful domesticity, and the show’s approach is gentle and nonjudgmental. Instead of pointing out the gender imbalance, Marie Kondo insists that every member of a family take responsibility for their own belongings.

Marie Kondo’s methods have become popular worldwide. Her first book, “Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” has sold over eight million copies. She has appeared on television shows Rachael Ray and The Mindy Project, and even appeared in the revival of Gilmore Girls. In 2015, she was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People.