If you want to start an organizing decluttering project, you should set a deadline for yourself. Don’t stress if you miss it – there’s always a next time. Also, keep the “touch it once” principle in mind. Decluttering is a marathon, not a sprint, so make it a point to give away at least one item each week.

Giving away one old item each week

As part of your organizing decluttering tips, you may want to give away one old item each week. This can help you organize your storage space and make it easier to move around. First, take out any old items you have in storage and ask yourself whether you still use them. If not, you can always give them away. For example, if you are not fond of your old sporting equipment, you can give it away.

Another organizing decluttering tip is to keep a donation box near the front door for items you no longer use. This box can hold a variety of items, such as clothing, books, and furniture. Make sure you check if any of the electronics work before donating them.

Keeping the “touch it once” principle at the forefront of your mind

If you follow the “touch it once” rule, you will be more likely to avoid cluttering your home with unnecessary items. Using the 90/90 rule, it is important not to collect things that are not useful or beautiful.

Decluttering is a marathon, not a sprint

Decluttering is a marathon, not just a sprint, and it requires a certain level of endurance. While some tasks can be completed in a single day, others take a long time and need to be done repeatedly. One of the best ways to get started is to tackle a small part of your home at a time. This will give you motivation and keep you on track.

Decluttering is not a sprint – it takes a month or more to complete. If you attempt to do it in a single day, you’ll only end up frustrated. Instead, take the time to plan a schedule and build towards the goal.

Decluttering is not a quick fix – it takes time and practice. You should go room by room, and create piles of keep and let go items. The rule of thumb is “if you haven’t touched it in a year, get rid of it”. By doing this, you’ll clear up more space and improve your organization. Don’t forget that sentimental items are not counted in this rule.

Enlisting the help of others to organize decluttering

Enlisting the help of family and friends can make decluttering an enjoyable process. Working together will make the task go much faster. You can make the project even more fun by providing music and pizza. But make sure to avoid leaving anything behind. If you have a lot of leftovers to discard, enlist the help of others.

Organizing your space can be stressful. It is important to schedule a day when you will start decluttering. Make sure to set a deadline so that you won’t stress out if you miss it. If your schedule changes, you can always schedule another day.