Having a well balanced diet can help a person stay in shape and can also help them remain healthy. The Ayurvedic Diet is not just for people that are looking to loose weight. This diet can help a person live a healthier lifestyle and reduce the chance for major illnesses. This diet understands there is a direct connection between the mind, body, and spirit and a disruption of this union can lead to poor health and other illnesses.

Ayurvedic Diet

Common Disruptions to the balance of the body

There are some things that disrupt the balance of the body. These things include genetics, injuries, changes in the environment, age, and emotional instability. These disruptions can throw of the balance of the body and make a person sick.

What to Include in the Ayurvedic diet

This diet focuses on six different tastes. Each taste needs to be introduced to the diet on a daily basis. This will help the body digest the food properly. It will also lead to diversified choices which are good for the mental state. These six tastes include

  1. Sweet- in the form of rice, honey, limited sugar , and milk
  2. Sour- lemons, cheese ,and yogurt
  3. Salty- table salt
  4. Pungent- hot peppers, hot spices
  5. Bitter- leafy greens and herbs
  6. Astringent- beans, lentils

If all six of these tastes are included in the diet daily the body will feel satisfied and a person will not feel deprived of anything.

There are different foods that are suitable for different body types. In order to figure out what body type you are you should speak to someone that who has extensive knowledge in ayurvedic studies. Regardless of body type there are some foods that are good for everyone. Some of the best things to eat include apples, asparagus, sunflower seeds, and peas. This will meet several senses in the body.

The Ayurveda diet will help keep the mind, body, and soul in balance. This will allow a person to have great overall health without being on an overly restricted diet.