Ephraim is a small village in Door County, Wisconsin, across from Eagle Harbor and Peninsula State Park. With a population of just 288 people as of the 2010 census, it is known for its white buildings and scenic shoreline along Green Bay. The town offers many things to do for visitors and locals alike.

Peninsula State Park

If you love to play golf, you’ll want to visit Peninsula State Park in Ephraim, Michigan. Originally only six holes, the course was expanded in 1931 to 18 holes. It’s one of the peninsula’s most beautiful courses, offering spectacular views of Eagle Harbor and the city of Ephraim. The park is also home to the Niagara Escarpment, a geological formation that stretches from Niagara Falls to the Upper Peninsula.

This 3,776-acre state park includes miles of shoreline and undeveloped bluffs. This park is the centerpiece of Door County and a highlight for visitors. However, the park doesn’t just offer scenic views. It also provides recreation opportunities and supports a vibrant economy.

Whether you’re playing a round of golf with a friend or just looking for a challenging challenge, you’ll find what you need at Peninsula State Park. The 18-hole golf course features challenging holes and beautiful scenery. There’s even a restaurant, which serves breakfast daily from 7am to 10am. You can also enjoy beer and wine at the Park’s café.

The village of Ephraim is home to several restaurants. Several of the best places to eat include the Chef’s Hat, an eatery that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The interior decor is cozy and inviting, and the outdoor patio is a perfect place for dining. During the summer, you can also take a dip in the lake at Peninsula State Park.

Water Street Gallery

Ephraim is a beautiful city full of art galleries, museums, boutiques, and restaurants. You can stroll around the downtown area and visit various restaurants and cafes while you are there. You can also visit the many theaters and museums in Ephraim. It’s a great place to see local art and learn about the town’s history.

The Water Street Gallery features over 300 pieces of art, including original works, limited editions, note cards, and calenders. The gallery’s residing artist, Fred Bridenhagen, is often on hand to sign prints and talk about his native Door County. The shop also sells a variety of antiques, including some that are a little out of the ordinary.

Ephraim’s Hardy Gallery

The Ephraim’s Hardy Gallery is holding a new exhibition through Oct. 14. Entitled Unbound, the exhibit includes the works of three Ephraim residents. Joan Shannon, who passed away this past August from cancer, lived in Ephraim with her husband, Ed Shannon. They had children, grandchildren, and many friends. The museum is hosting an exhibition to honor her memory, including an antiques appraisal event.

The Hardy Gallery is located in the national historic Anderson Warehouse in Ephraim. It is free to visit and open to the public. Hours are 10 am – 5 pm Monday through Saturday and 12 pm – 5 pm on Sundays. While the gallery is free to visit, it will be closed for exhibition installation during the weeks of May 23 and 27, as well as August 29 – September 2, 2022. The exhibition season will end on October 9, 2022.

Door County Adventure Rafting

Riding in a rigid inflatable tour boat is one of the most unique ways to tour Door County. It’s fast and fun, and it allows you to see more sights than other types of boat tours. Whether you are a solo traveler or want to share the experience with a group, this unique boat tour is ideal. The company offers three different boat tours:

The company’s guided tours leave from a dock in Fish Creek. You can view a number of sights from the water, including the famous Eagle Bluff Lighthouse, Horseshoe Island, and Eagle Cave. You’ll also pass the historic Hanover shipwreck, which sank during a storm in 1867.

Another exciting activity in Door County is scuba diving. You’ll be able to view shipwrecks and other marine life while in a glass bottom kayak. There are also a number of zip-lining tours, kayak tours, paddle boards, and boat rentals. If you don’t want to rent a boat, you can also hire one for the day. Some companies even rent glass-bottom kayaks, which allow you to explore the shipwrecks and marine life below the surface.

Door County Adventure Rafting offers a variety of tours, including a Death’s Door Tour that features a stop at a shipwreck and the old Coast Guard station on Plum Island. The company also offers a Cave Point Tour that takes you to a county park where you can view Native American pictographs.


Shops in Ephraim offer a variety of unique gifts and services. Many of the stores have great selections of handmade jewelry. Many of these shops also feature local coffee shops and sell fresh, high-quality beverages. If you love lavender, you may want to visit the Island Lavender Company, located in Ephraim.

These shops often have special sales and offer discounts. Many sell musical instruments, electronics, and hunting gear, as well as jewelry. Some even offer loans. These shops can be found in Ephraim and Salt Lake City. You can get cash for valuable items in Ephraim by selling them at a pawn shop.

Art galleries

If you’re searching for an art gallery in Ephraim, Wisconsin, you’ve come to the right place. Located at 3083 Anderson Lane, Ephraim is home to several galleries featuring art from local artists. From a variety of mediums, including paintings and sculpture, to unique antiques, the town has an abundance of choices.


The nightlife scene in Ephraim has changed in recent years. It used to be the only dry town in Indiana, but the lifting of alcohol prohibition and the coronavirus epidemic have changed things. It is now a vibrant and exciting place to spend an evening. If you’re in town, be sure to check out Trixie’s, which offers an expansive outdoor seating area and a renowned wine list.

Ephraim is located on Lake Michigan, which makes for a beautiful backdrop for a night on the town’s lakefront. It’s easy to get to by car, but the nightlife here is mostly confined to a few restaurants and bars. During the summer months, the nightlife is often busy. The town also boasts several stores, art galleries, and clothing stores.