Spots that are brown, also known as age spots, occur on the chest, hands, neck, and face when you have have overly exposed to the suns rays. UVA and B rays cause the most damage to the skin, so be sure to wear organic moisturizers and lotions with protection from these sun rays. For the spots you already have check out these tricks.

Masks (Yogurt and Strawberry)


For this mask you want to use organic whole-milk yogurt.
First, be sure your face or body is clean. However you clean your face or body, use water at a warm temperature to keep your pores open.
Second, carefully dry your face or body using a soft cloth.
Third, liberally paint the yogurt on your face or body.
Fourth, let it sit until it completely dry.
Fifth, use warm water to rinse your face or body.
Sixth, after rinsing use cold water to close your pores.
This is also used as a way to soften and smooth skin.


This is a great mask for gently bleaching age spots and freckles. The frankincense oil gives rejuvenation to the skin. You will need one fresh organic strawberry, two drops of frankincense essential oil, two teaspoons of organic yogurt(whole-milk), and one half teaspoon of clay(cosmetic).
First, put the strawberry into a mixing bowel and squish it into juice.
Second, place the oil and yogurt into the mixing bowel and mix together thoroughly.
Third, add the clay into the bowel and mash it all together.
Fourth, clean face or body with warm water.
Fifth, dry your face or body carefully.
Sixth, paint the mask onto your face or body.
Seventh, let it sit until dry.
Eighth, wash skin with a cloth to get it all off your face or body.
Use once a day unless you have dry skin, then use only 1-2 times a week.

Lemon Juice

Use a soft artist brush to apply organic pure lemon juice to your spots at night before bed. They will fade in a month or two.


Those age spots that just won’t seem to go away, not matter what you do try hydroquione. Use creams with this as the main ingredient and it will bleach those spots. Results occur within a few months. Kind of long term, but it works.

So in the next few months your skin should be feeling and looking much clearer and softer. I like to use all of them on different days in the same week or even trade up every week. Doing using the yogurt one week and the lemon the next. Use everything at you disposal to make your skin nice and clear.