Most of the places on this list are only accessible to people with clearances and some are closed off to the public. Even if you have access, you might have no idea what’s going on at these places. While there are a few theories about what goes on in some of these locations, you’re probably not going to have the clearance or access to experience the sights and sounds for yourself.

Heard Island

Heard Island is an incredible place that has escaped much of the world’s attention. This tiny island sits between Antarctica and Australia, and is nearly completely uninhabited. It is home to two active volcanoes and countless glaciers. Due to its remote location, few people have been able to visit it.

The island is located in the Southern Ocean, 2,547 km south of Perth, three thousand eight hundred kilometers south of Cape Leeuwin, and four hundred miles from Antarctica. It is administered by the Australian government and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The islands were discovered by two Englishmen in the late 18th century – Captain John Heard and William McDonald.

Heard Island is dominated by the active volcano Big Ben, which rises to 2,745 metres above sea level. Much of the island is covered with snow. A smaller island, called McDonald Island, is nearby. It covered only 100 hectares when it was formally incorporated into the Australian Geographical Survey in 1871, but it is surrounded by smaller rocks and a volcano that erupted a few years later. Physical processes that occur on the island provide information about how the earth’s crustal plates move and interact with one another.

Terracotta army

The Terracotta Army in China is a collection of thousands of life-size terracotta statues depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. They were built around the emperor’s mausoleum around 210 BCE and were intended to guard the tomb and serve him in his next life. Today, this archaeological wonder offers an incredible insight into Chinese warfare and history.

The terracotta army consists of over 7,800 sculptures, most of which are in battle formation. The first emperor of China was a military leader who conquered the country with his army. He is also credited for introducing standardized weights and measures and a uniform writing script. As a result, it’s possible that the emperor was aiming his army toward the east because he believed that this would be the most likely attack from the east.

The terracotta figures are divided into three categories: infantry, cavalry, and charioteers. Each one has a distinct facial shape and clothing.

North Sentinel Island

The Sentinelese are a remote community living on North Sentinel Island. There, they live in isolation and fear the outside world. Fortunately, their hardy nature and determination to stay hidden have earned them a high level of respect and admiration. The Sentinelese have been isolated from the outside world for 60,000 years. In recent years, however, the Sentinelese have permitted authorities to get close to them and document their lives.

The Sentinelese were first observed by anthropologist TN Pandit in 1991. The anthropologist later studied the Sentinelese for two decades. In 2006, a helicopter sent by the Indian government to collect the bodies of two fishermen was attacked by Sentinelese tribespeople. On another occasion, an evangelical missionary, John Allen Chau, was brutally murdered by the Sentinelese tribe in 2018. This incident has raised global interest in the island’s plight.

The Sentinelese are ferocious warriors who live in the heavily forested island. They have always had a hostile attitude toward outsiders. Some of their members describe their deep contempt for civilization. The first known encounter between the Sentinelese and Europeans was in the 1880s, when British colonists abducted Sentinelese natives.

Groom Lake

Groom Lake is a dry lake that is situated in the Emigrant Valley in southern Nevada. It is surrounded by the Timpahute and Pahranagat mountain ranges. It is a barren, rocky landscape that is home to wild burros and Rocky Mountain sheep. Its surface is made of a hard, alkaline soil, which is eroded by relentless winds. A few inches of rain will make the lake appear to be full, but evaporation will quickly smooth it back out.

During the Cold War, the U.S. Air Force and Navy sent low-flying aircraft to spy on the Soviet Union. These aircraft were at risk of being shot down, so President Eisenhower approved the development of high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, which would be able to detect and photograph enemy forces. The U-2 program sought a remote location to test its aircraft, and found a suitable one near Groom Lake.

Area 51 is a top-secret U.S. Air Force facility in southern Nevada. It is part of the Nevada Test Site, and has been the subject of conspiracy theories about extraterrestrial life. While the government has not confirmed the existence of aliens, Area 51 has become a popular tourist destination. Despite its secretive status, it is also home to the U-2 spy plane, the A-12 Oxcart spy plane, and the F-117 stealth ground-attack jet.

Menwith Royal Air Force Station

Many people have no idea that Menwith Royal Air Force Station is one of our nation’s most secretive places. The facility is the largest intelligence-gathering facility outside of the United States. The base performs several roles that are crucial to US interests, such as being the center of the ECHELON global surveillance system. In May 2013, whistle blower Edward Snowden leaked thousands of top secret documents. These documents reveal the extent to which the NSA/CIA and GCHQ spy on the population.

Many of the people who work at the base are Americans. The NSA runs a ground station here and controls spy satellites. There’s also a strong presence from the U.S. Ministry of Defence. And the NSA’s activities in Menwith Hill have triggered protests by local activists.

According to Snowden’s documents, Menwith Hill has participated in a significant number of “capture-kill” operations. While these documents do not detail the exact number of victims, it is known that the base has been involved in drone strikes in Somalia, Pakistan, and Yemen.

Ausable Chasm

If you’re into outdoor activities, there are many great places to hike in the Adirondacks. You can try the Dry Chasm trail or take a walk along the inner sanctum trail. Both provide wonderful views of the chasm and offer the opportunity to get closer to the geological formations. There’s also a campground in the chasm that’s a great place to relax in the winter.

The chasm is also an excellent place for rafting. The scenic Ausable River can be explored with a raft. You can also take a tube ride on the river. This attraction is open all year, except for major holidays.

Ausable Chasm is a hidden gem in upstate New York. Located outside Keeseville, it is the oldest continuously operating natural attraction in the United States. The chasm is made up of 500 million-year-old Potsdam class sandstone that formed in the Cambrian Period. It is between 300 and 500 feet deep and is six to fifteen meters (20 to 50 feet) wide.

My Son sanctuary

When French Colonialists discovered My Son Sanctuary in the 18th century, the area was in ruins. But that did not stop them from becoming fascinated with the ancient history of the place. Slowly, they published their findings in French journals. They discovered that the My Son Sanctuary contained the ruins of over 70 buildings, which were divided into 14 groups based on their purpose and architectural style.

The My Son sanctuary is home to several temples dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. Some of these temples have been destroyed over the years, but the oldest temple dates back to the fourth century. Its walls are covered with reliefs depicting sacred stories and depictions. Although historians differ on the exact method of construction, most of the temples were once carved in stone.

For architecture and history buffs, the My Son sanctuary is a must-see while in Danang. There are several transportation options to and from the sanctuary.

Area 51

Area 51 has been the subject of conspiracy theories for decades. Many TV shows, books and even massive internet “raids” have been made about the mysterious facility. Despite its infamous secrecy, Area 51 has some very interesting activities that you should not miss out on. To find out more, read this book. It will blow your mind! This book will give you the scoop on one of the greatest secrets on Earth.

Area 51 began as a secret base during the Cold War to test advanced aircraft such as the U-2 reconnaissance aircraft. In fact, Area 51 was the site for the testing of spy planes such as the SR-71 Blackbird and the F-16 Fighting Falcon. However, Area 51’s existence was only officially acknowledged by the CIA in August of 2013 after President Obama publicly mentioned it. The secretive facility employs about 1,500 people and is located near Las Vegas.

The government’s mission at Area 51 includes the development of stealth planes and other advanced weapons. The facility is also responsible for restoring environmental damage caused by nuclear testing and managing radioactive waste. It also investigates demilitarization technology, aids in counter-proliferation efforts, and operates a hazardous materials spill test center. Although Area 51 is a secret, many people who are interested in UFOs are curious about its existence.