Pure Himalayan Ancient Sea Salt is among the most ancient forms of salt on the planet. In fact, it was the earliest form of salt to be discovered in the planets history. It has remained in widespread use for centuries and continues to give a unique feel to everyday cooking.

Himalayan Salt has a salty flavor that is similar to table salt but with a little bit more smokiness and richness. You get that bite of salt in your food when you eat it like you would with a hot dog. Himalayan Sea Salt has a slight odor when freshly mined which is not a bad thing. Its a nice change from the normal kitchen waste that all people flush down the drain!

The smoky flavor of Himalayan Salt comes from its dark color and distinctive aroma. The deep, heavy flavor of the salt reminds me of the scent of warm spices and leather. When I use Himalayan Sea Salt in a stir fry, I put the mix right on the stove and let it cook until it melts, it has a bit of an after taste, like chocolate or curry powder.

The salt is very rich and expensive in price when bought in the United States. If you live outside the United States, be sure to get Himalayan Ancient Sea Salt when you order online or by phone to avoid double taxation.

There are many online and local Chinese restaurants that offer Himalayan Sea Salt, not only because its cheaper than imported salt, but also because its very authentic in taste. Dont be afraid to ask about the salt they are using – just be sure to ask about the salt specifically, not just Himalayan Sea Salt as some sites say.

Sometimes they might even offer you the chance to try Himalayan Sea Salt. They will either give you a sample for free or you can pay for shipping, but I strongly recommend you purchase Himalayan Sea Salt in order to taste it right.

Himalayan Sea Salt has a very distinctive flavor, which is almost all its own. It has a bit of a fishy, musky flavor. Many say that eating Himalayan Sea Salt is a kind of purifying ritual, because it removes any impurities that you may have previously inhaled from the salt.

Himalayan Sea Salt is very popular and well known worldwide. However, because of its unique taste, Himalayan Sea Salt is usually reserved for special occasions or special cuisines like Indian cuisine or for serving in very specific styles.

You can also find Himalayan Salt in India, South East Asia, Mexico, and parts of South America. Although Himalayan Sea Salt has been quite popular in the US, it is certainly not as common as other salts.

They have been brought from India to the West mainly by Native Americans. They were brought by traders like Henry Hudson. They can be found on the beaches of Florida and British Columbia.

Himalayan Sea Salt is an important part of any Indian spice or Indian cooking repertoire. It is easy to buy and is delicious and authentic in flavor.