Located in Columbia, South Carolina, Five Points is an area with plenty of dining, shopping, and nightlife. It’s popular with residents of Columbia, students from the University of South Carolina, and people from the entire Columbia metropolitan area. The district is also known for being the center of the St. Patrick’s Day Festival.

Little Five Points

If you want to spend an afternoon shopping or exploring art galleries in Atlanta, then Little Five Points is the place to be. This hip neighborhood is home to Atlanta’s most famous burger joint, as well as a variety of shopping and dining options. In addition, Little Five Points is also home to some amazing street art. One of the most notable examples is the OutKast mural. There is a wealth of free art to be found throughout the neighborhood.

Little Five Points is also known for its eclectic collection of quirky shops, art galleries, and home goods. There are also boutiques here where you can pick up unique gifts and souvenirs. The area also has several independent bookstores and galleries. You can also go to the Little Five Points Halloween festival, which happens every October.

Little Five Points also has a vibrant nightlife. Several bars and restaurants offer live music and entertainment, while the neighborhood’s eclectic culture has a variety of ethnic eateries. Some of the best restaurants in Little Five Points serve Indian, Caribbean, and American fare. You can also catch live music at the Variety Playhouse and Star Community Bar.

Little Five Points is a hip neighborhood in the heart of Atlanta. The neighborhood is home to a thriving arts scene, with numerous art galleries, eclectic shops, and an independent radio station. You can also find live music and comedy shows at Little Five Points’ theater and music venues. The area is also a popular spot for independent films.

Riverside Arts Market

The Riverside Arts Market in Five Points is a lively arts market under a bridge that offers local artists, local foods and entertainment. Enjoy the lively market while watching the live performances. It is a must-attend event for the art lover! The market is held every Saturday and features an array of local artists and vendors.

The Riverside Arts Market is located just a short distance away from Riverside Park and Riverside Avenue. Upon entering the Riverside Arts Market, you’ll see a variety of vendors selling everything from apparel to food, tools, and groceries. It is free to enter and there is plenty of parking. The market is open to the public on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Riverside Arts Market will be expanded from its current location to the Riverside Park area. The new park will become a part of the multi-use Emerald Trail and will include the Riverside Arts Market. It will also feature an artistic skateboard park. This is a great place to meet fellow art lovers, meet new people, and browse the wares of local artists.

Riverside Arts Market is a weekly outdoor arts and crafts market in Jacksonville, Florida. In addition to art and craft vendors, Riverside Arts Market also offers fresh produce and live music. The Riverside Arts Market is open every Saturday from April to December, and it includes an amphitheater that seats 350 people. The market is located underneath the Fuller Warren Bridge and alongside the St. Johns River.

Coors Field

During the 1994-95 season, the Rockies opened Coors Field with 2,700 unsold tickets. A work stoppage had left the ballpark nearly ten percent below capacity. After the workers returned, attendance fell short of a sellout. The game began with flurries and a temperature of 39 degrees.

The team’s engineer noticed that his leather boots were starting to dry out. He figured the same thing would happen to a baseball. In order to test the theory, he dropped two balls at Coors Field. One ball had been in a humidity-sucking humidor. The other ball was not.

There are wheelchair-accessible seats in Coors Field. Guests with limited mobility should reserve these seats in advance. During peak volume, wheelchairs may not be available. Those with mobility restrictions should contact Coors Field’s Guest Relations Center. They will be directed to Section 127.

Coors Field’s design evokes the Rocky Mountains. Located in the city’s LoDo neighborhood, the stadium was designed by architect Brad Schrock. His research involved taking hundreds of photographs of the area. He eventually settled on a retro ballpark design that integrated local touches. The main entry clock, for instance, is surrounded by semi-circular signage. The building also has a pond and three 10-foot waterfalls.

Guests who purchase tickets for games at Coors Field can enjoy a view of the game from the roof. Standing room tickets cost $16 each, which includes $6 in merchandise and concession credit. During designated games, there is also general-admission seating in Sections U310-314. However, it is not always available.


Shopping in Five Points is a great way to get some unique items at the best price. This century-old shopping village is located just east of the University of South Carolina. The area is home to many independent clothing stores. One of the best-known is Wolfgang’s Clothing Store, which has been around for years. The store specializes in independent clothing and accessories. It also has a thriving online presence.

Five Points Shopping Center is located at 4101 IH 69 Access Road in Calallen. The center is leased by Mimco Properties. The website shows that the shopping center is expanding with new tenants. Big Lots, DD’s Discounts, and The Boot Jack are among the retailers slated to open soon. No opening date has been set for these new stores.


Among Columbia’s popular destinations, Five Points is home to a number of great restaurants. It’s also the home of the city’s famous St. Patrick’s Day Festival. Whether you’re craving a fried green tomato, a juicy burger, or a delicious cup of coffee, Five Points has a place for you. Here are the best restaurants in the neighborhood, broken down by category.

If you’re looking for a good lunch spot in the heart of the city, you’ve come to the right place. The historic downtown area features a plethora of historic brick buildings and culturally diverse neighborhoods. In addition to being home to a few top-notch restaurants, Five Points boasts a plethora of live music venues, galleries, and bars.

The neighborhood is home to several popular restaurants, including brewpubs and small cafes. Its artsy vibe attracts a diverse crowd of both young and old. Whether you’re looking for a casual bite or a great meal with friends, there’s something for everyone in Five Points.

The Five Points Cafe is a popular local choice. Known for its fresh, delicious and healthy fare, it is a must-visit spot for a good brunch. Among the menu items, you’ll find a wide variety of delicious options. You can get everything from traditional breakfast favorites to a delicious crepe or croissant.

Street art

The demolition of a prominent mural in downtown Toronto caused a legal battle between local artists and developers. Developer Michael Wolkoff attempted to brand the new condo towers “Five Pointz” and failed to secure a trademark for the name. This prompted some artists to file a federal lawsuit. Under the Visual Artists’ Rights Act, developers must give at least 90 days notice before destroying artwork. Ultimately, the lawsuit was rejected, but the artists’ battle is not over.

The new owners of 5Pointz plan to convert the former warehouse into residential towers, but they have promised to leave a few murals for artists to paint. The owners of the new towers know the neighborhood is not like the one they are currently inhabiting. In fact, they know that the street art scene in this neighborhood will be different from the one they are replacing.

There are many different locations where street artists can work. In the Davis Street buildings, for example, there are murals painted on the exterior walls of buildings that were built in the early 1900s. These buildings were once home to a water meter factory. Wolkoff bought the building in the early 1970s and began renting out the interior spaces to industrial firms. The building’s exterior walls were painted by graffiti artists. Later, artists began renting interior spaces in the building and covering the walls with colorful murals. In 2002, the buildings were renamed “5 Pointz” and graffiti artist Jonathan Cohen began curating the exterior murals.

Besides being aesthetically appealing, street art also has political and social meaning. It can reflect the current state of a city or a country. It can be a form of peaceful protest against injustice. Visiting a neighborhood with street art will make your commute a little more interesting. Although it is temporary, it can give you a different perspective on the city.