When it comes to closet storage shelving, there are several choices. You can use the Lazy Susan method or you can purchase items from companies such as IKEA or Rubbermaid. You can choose the best solution for your space by comparing the features of different products. There are also many different types of shelving, so you should be able to find something that will fit your needs.

Lazy Susan

A Lazy Susan can be used to organize items in a variety of places. It can be placed under a bathroom sink or inside a linen closet. It can also be used to corral makeup, daily toiletries and skincare products. Its spinning action makes it easy to find items.

Lazy Susans are available in metal, wood and plastic. They typically have two or three rotating shelves. They work well in corner cabinets and straight shelving. They are also commonly used in the center of a dining table. Because they’re available in different sizes, they can fit any type of cabinet space. They’re especially useful in places where you’re hard to reach.

A Lazy Susan can also be an excellent addition to any pantry. The rotating shelves make it easy to find items and never get lost. It’s a great way to organize items by meal, type and frequency of use. For those with a large pantry, you may want to install a mobile or fixed island to provide more prep and storage space.


Gavin’s closet storage shelving is ideal for small wall spaces. This versatile piece has metal shelves and rods to hang clothes. Its steel frame is crafted with slotted angles, making it perfect for smaller spaces. This piece also features a hanger pipe and support rim to help you hang your clothes.

This organizer comes with five adjustable shelves and three hanging rods. Made from MDF wood and metal, Gavin features a logical storage solution for small spaces. The steel frame is made in Korea, and the shelves are constructed with metal. The Gavin organizer comes with hardware to assemble the unit, including a hangar pipe, hanger support rim, and urethane hammer.


When shopping for IKEA closet storage shelving, be sure to measure your existing closet space. You’ll need these measurements to buy the right size closet system. Once you have your measurements, you can start filling in your closet with stuff. You can even take your measurements to a nearby IKEA store to see which closet system fits your space best.

Depending on the materials of your walls, some IKEA closet storage shelving will need to be mounted on the wall. Different materials support different weight loads, so you’ll need to choose the right kind of mounting device. IKEA offers several kinds of fixing devices, which you can purchase separately. Some closet storage shelving solutions are not suitable for areas with high humidity, such as the bathroom.

The design of IKEA closet storage shelving makes it easy to adjust to your needs. The shelves have holes for adding rods, shelves, or drawers. There are also cover plates that can be used to cover visible seams and screws.


If you want to maximize storage space in your closets, you should consider purchasing a Rubbermaid closet storage shelving system. Its modular systems come in a variety of configurations. Choose from a slim 24-inch tower to a more expansive 48-inch rack. These kits are a great choice for linen closets, laundry rooms, and bedroom closets.

Rubbermaid is a global brand that has been developing storage solutions for almost a century. Its products are widely recognized as industry leaders and come with a limited lifetime warranty. The company is also known for its customer service and digital tools to help consumers get the most out of their closets.

Closet storage solutions made by Rubbermaid are sturdy and durable, and their wire shelving is able to hold a variety of tools for years to come. In addition, you can move them around or adjust them as needed. However, they are not as flexible as ClosetMaid wire shelving.

IKEA’s Pax system

The IKEA Pax system is one of the most popular closet systems available. It is available in different depths and can look like built-in wardrobes or can be used inside a closet without doors. Pax is highly customizable and can be customized for your closet based on your style and personal needs. You can also choose additional pieces like interior organizers. Another closet storage system from IKEA is the AURDAL system, which is more compact and more affordable than the Pax system.

Pax units are great for storing clothes and accessories. You can buy coordinating drawer dividers, boxes, and hooks to keep your clothes and accessories organized. The Pax system is simple, but versatile, with plenty of hooks and shelves for storing your clothes and accessories. The Pax system has a variety of accessories including shoe pull-out shelves, metal baskets, and velvet lined jewelry drawer boxes. You can also buy separate shelves for your hanging clothes and bottom drawers.

Before shopping for an IKEA closet system, you may want to visit a nearby IKEA store to see the products in person. You can also check out the Pax Closet Calculator and compare different configurations and sizes to find the perfect closet for your space.

Pottery Barn Drop Front Bin

If you’re looking for closet storage shelving that can hold your shoes and clothing, consider the Pottery Barn Drop Front Bin. These sturdy bins are ideal for those with large closets, and they feature an opening PVC window that allows you to see what’s inside without opening the bin. There are also different sizes to fit a variety of floor spaces.

You can choose from a variety of sizes for this closet storage shelving, and they also have a drop-down window for easy viewing. The bins are also stackable, so you can maximize your closet space. They are made of PVC or gray chip board, and they come in four different sizes. Despite their versatile size and sturdy construction, these bins can be expensive if you’re looking to purchase multiple units.

IKEA’s Configurations Deluxe Closet Kit

The SuperSlide system makes it easy to adjust shelves to the exact position you need. The high-quality material also reduces waste, which is good news for the environment. The kit also includes hang track, standards, shelf brackets and closet rod support for a complete installation.

You can design your closet on the Internet, and have the pieces delivered to your doorstep for $49. This is a much easier alternative to shopping for and pushing heavy carts around the store. It’s also more affordable than purchasing closet units from IKEA. In addition to a deluxe closet kit, you can also add drawers, racks and shelves.

IKEA offers several configurations for walk-in closets. The Boaxel wardrobe combination, for example, includes three shelves, two shoe shelves, two hanging rods, and a pair of drawers. In addition, it has a pair of decorative baskets. The Boaxel includes adjustable shelves, which is great for maximizing closet storage space.