Im going to tell you a little bit about Salts Worldwide and I hope it will help you make your decision whether or not to purchase a product from them. I first became interested in them when I was searching for a mineral supplement.

You see, I have my share of problems with mineral supplements. I have tried a lot of different ones that I found on the internet and I have really been disappointed with the results they gave me.

Even though I have tried to look at my diet, vitamins, and supplements in the most healthy way possible, I just wasnt seeing any real positive changes. The problem with my diet was that I was on it for an extremely long time and didnt want to give up anything.

I did find that I was on a regular basis, but I wouldnt do anything else. I even went through all the trouble of learning how to formulate my own supplements.

As a matter of fact, I almost got so fed up with it that I considered giving up my whole routine. Then I discovered something called Salts Worldwide.

It was only after using a few of their products that I decided to look into this particular supplement. If you dont know what a Salt is, its basically just a salt that has been irradiated and is used in some supplements.

Its not unheard of for companies to add a mineral such as potassium to their supplements to make it more appealing to consumers. If you research on the internet, youll see that many companies use the technique and advertise it as being salt iodized.

What Ive found over the years is that this is a really bad thing. I cant imagine what would happen if I happened to eat something and my body absorbed some of the salt, causing it to get rid of sodium (which the body needs to function) and bring out more potassium than it should.

Im sure you already know that you need a certain amount of sodium in your diet every day, but just in case you dont, you need to have more of this important mineral. Its easy to take a supplement because you can just add water.

But remember, the more you take, the more your body needs, so youre actually doing more harm than good. After awhile, your body becomes accustomed to the amount of sodium you are taking and you could experience many symptoms of overdoing it.

In the end, I think this is a really bad thing to put yourself through. If you want to be healthy, you should look for an alternative and not use a supplement that contains salts as a way to enhance the bodys ability to absorb minerals.