The Best Natural Cosmetics have met with a huge response since I shared this with you last month. When my article “The Truth About Natural Cosmetics” hit the web, it caused an avalanche of customers to switch to these safe and effective products. The Best Natural Cosmetics include a host of new and effective ingredients that are becoming staples in skin care formulas. The Best Natural Cosmetics use no harmful chemicals, synthetic preservatives or fragrances. These formulas offer users the option to choose between parabens, alcohols and SLS.

Most of the natural cosmetics on the market were not made with the consumer’s best interests in mind. Most cosmetic brands add petroleum based moisturizers and mineral oil to their products. Petroleum based moisturizers trap moisture in your skin and do nothing to eliminate the signs of aging. Mineral oil clogs the pores and disrupts the chemical balance required by the skin to produce healthy collagen and elastin.

The Best Natural Cosmetics are made with your best interests in mind. The Best Cosmetics have a philosophy that their makeup brands are made with nothing but all natural ingredients. This philosophy has lead to the creation of some truly remarkable beauty products. I was thrilled to learn that one of my favorite makeup brands, Maybelline, is now offering free shipping on all of their cruelty-free and biodegradable products. The Best Cosmetics offer nothing in the way of animal testing, so you can rest assured that your safety is protected. In fact, The Best Cosmetics have signed agreements with several environmental groups to further assure consumers that they are not selling animal products.

A few natural cosmetics brands are offering paraben free formulas. Parabens are commonly found in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and industrial cleaning solutions. They have been linked to developmental and reproductive problems as well as contributing to the growth of breast tumors. The Best Natural Cosmetics will not use parabens. The best products will use all natural ingredients including plant based oils, waxes and extracts. Plant-based oils, waxes and extracts are generally considered safer for you than petroleum-based oils, waxes and extracts.

There are a few natural makeup brands that are offering lipsticks that don’t have a risk of allergy or irritation. An example would be the cruelty-free lipstick by Clinique. A lipstick should never ever contain a preservative, fragrance or colorant. The Best Cosmetics strongly encourages the use of safe, effective natural lipsticks.

A popular choice among natural cosmetic mists is the Anastasia Bodokiolka mineral powder foundation. There are so many people who need help with their complexion but don’t have an opportunity to invest in professional makeup such as foundation or a concealer. Many people with acne break out around their mouth and are forced to wear foundation that does not meet their needs. Bodokiolka’s mineral powder foundation contains no dyes, talc, fragrances or preservatives and has been clinically tested and proven to be safe for even the most sensitive skin.

Anastasia Bodokiolka has created a line of natural cosmetics brands that includes a mineral makeup foundation that has a built in lip gloss and a built in eyeliner. In addition to being long lasting, these formulas also provide more definition to the lips and a more radiant glow to the eyes. The best formulas will contain healthy ingredients such as kaolin, bentone gel, and macadamia oil.

One of the problems people face when they purchase eyeshadow is how difficult it is to create a smooth application without using too much eye shadow or applying eyeshadow that runs into the creases of the eyes. The Best Cosmetics’ Eyeshadow Duo by Anastasia Bodokiolka provides a beautiful smooth application with the use of two colours that are separated by a third colour, so there is no longer any question of running into the creases. These lightweight natural beauty products are available from many leading cosmetic companies and are becoming increasingly popular as celebrities to promote the benefits of using these types of products.