Floating shelves

Adding floating shelves is a fun and relatively easy way to organize small spaces. You can use them to add storage space in the bathroom or powder room, or even an entire wall in the dining room. Floating shelves are also an excellent option for displaying your favorite items. You can use a neutral color scheme to make your objects seem more cohesive together in a gallery style display.

You can also use floating shelves to organize your books. If you have a collection of big books that you rarely use, you can use the bottom shelf to display a curated collection. This way, your books don’t clutter up your bedside table. A lid organizer is another great addition for maximizing storage space.

If you are looking for a swanky solution that blends in with the decor, you can choose from glass floating shelves. These shelves are ideal for a pristine look, and are also easy to clean. A sleek designer option is the Metric Shelf, which would look right at home in a chrome-laden kitchen or bathroom. You can also opt for a metal floating shelf, such as the Normann Copenhagen Floating Metal Shelves. These shelves feature subtle ridges in the surface to give them a modern look.

Adding floating shelves to your kitchen is a great way to add storage space while displaying your favorite kitchen items and decor. These open shelves can be customized to match the rest of your cabinetry and show off your sense of style. You can even use them to store everyday dishware.

Plastic pullout drawers

The Sterilite modular storage drawer caters to a range of storage requirements, making it a smart choice for effective organization. Its clear drawers and open side panels make it a versatile solution, making it perfect for storing a variety of items. You can even combine several drawers for a custom storage solution.

This versatile drawer organizer can store a variety of items, ranging from paper towels to over-sized utensils. Its grippy feet help it to avoid sliding when open, and it features three trays and three slots for larger items. Its compact size means it will fit in tight spaces, but you can expand it to double its size if necessary.


One of the best ways to organize in small spaces is to use pegboards. A pegboard holds hooks, metal racks, shelves, and other storage systems. It’s the perfect place to store things for any job. For instance, a pegboard can be used in a child’s bedroom to hang toys and organize them. A pegboard can be easily moved to a new location if necessary.

Using pegboards to organize in small spaces is a great way to add color to your room. You can hang pegboards in different colors to give the room a more colorful feel. You can even use pegboards to display your art. This simple design solution is a great way to liven up a room and keep it looking clean and organized.

The pegboard is also great for organizing tools. It makes it easy to access tools that you use the most. The pegboard is also a great place to keep cleaning supplies. You can decorate it with paint or craft paper to give it a stylish look. If you have a garage, pegboards can also help you maximize storage space. Depending on the size of the garage and the number of items that you plan to store, a pegboard wall can help you organize your garage.

When installing a pegboard, the first step is to locate the studs on the wall. Once you’ve done that, use a stud finder to mark the general outline of the pegboard. Next, you need to screw furring strips to the studs with 3/4-in. wood screws. Be sure not to drill into the holes on the pegboard itself.

Over-door hangers

If you are short on wall space and need hangers for your small spaces, over-door hangers are an excellent solution. These durable and lightweight hooks can be installed easily without drilling holes. They are suitable for closets, garages and pantry doors. You can also use them in the bathroom. They are ideal for short-term needs.

Over-door hangers are ideal for small rooms and can be used to hang scarves, potholders, towels, or other small items. The adjustable design allows you to choose the perfect fit for your door. You can choose between four and six hooks for maximum flexibility and ease of use. The adjustable hooks are made of durable steel and will not damage your walls or doors.

Those who rent their spaces often use over-the-door hooks as they are a great solution because they don’t require drilling holes in the door. They also work well on non-standard doors that cannot accommodate screws. The best part is that you don’t have to buy custom-made ones either. You can buy metal, multi-hook options at a good price.

Pocket door hangers are another excellent option. They can be used in your bathroom or linen closet to increase the amount of storage space. They often come with plastic baskets that keep items from falling out when the door is opened. They can also be used in your garage to store your tools. They are a great solution for small spaces and are extremely convenient for maximizing space.

Cubby hole storage units

If you are struggling with storage space in a small space, consider using cubby hole storage units. They are a wonderful way to keep small items and clutter out of sight, while also providing useful space to store other items. These storage units can be customized and fit into a variety of spaces, from closets to drawers.

You may not have the room to have an entire room full of storage solutions, but cleverly designed products can solve your storage problems and do wonders for your small space. For example, installing a hairdryer holder inside a cabinet door or specialized clothes bins can help you keep the clutter at bay. Another idea is to strategically place bookcases to use as desk and storage space. You can also add a small stool to your workspace for easy access to essential items.