The flirt pole, also known as a flirt stick, is a tool used to entice a dog to chase a lure. It is commonly used for lure-coursing and Schutzhund, and can be an excellent way to get your dog physically conditioned and improve its skills. Despite its name, it can also be used for general training.


The Flirt pole is a great tool for exercising and training your dog. It features a sturdy cord and a non-slip grip. The lure is a tough material, and can be used repeatedly. It is also great for active dogs with a high energy level. There are many different types of Flirt poles available.

Using a flirt pole will help you teach your dog impulse control. Impulsivity in a dog can manifest itself in many ways, including jumping on people or snatching food. By teaching your dog impulse control, you will help him develop self-control, focus, and patience. You will be amazed at how much better your dog behaves!

Flirt poles are an excellent way to stimulate your dog’s mind. These toys stimulate your dog’s grey matter, which helps it develop problem solving skills. Moreover, they are an excellent way to strengthen your bond with your dog. Your pet will love these toys and will have hours of fun with them.

Flirt poles are best used for short sessions a couple of times a week. A dog with high drive may not respond well to the lures, but they may be able to enjoy using the flirt pole for a few minutes at a time. Just keep in mind that the sessions should be short and frequent in order to prevent boredom.

A similar tool to a cat teaser wand, a Toy Flirt Pole is an excellent way to encourage your pup’s natural instinct to chase prey. This fun tool will teach your pup impulse control and patience, while letting him use his instincts to help you train him. These toys have their roots in the lure coursing sport for sighthounds.

Training game

Using a flirt pole to train a dog is a fun and effective way to develop impulse control. A tug toy or thrown toy is shared between the dog and its handler, but a flirt pole gives a dog total possession of the object. When a dog loses the object, the handler can reinforce that behavior by using a treat or chew toy.

The game can be used as a warmup or reward event after scent detection training. You can also use the flirt pole as a distraction for advanced dogs. It can be used in conjunction with other games in order to enhance your dog’s drive to chase. Training games involving a flirt pole should be approximately 90 percent play and 10% control.

Flirt poles can be used to train your dog’s innate drive to hunt and chase prey. A flirt pole provides a vigorous workout for a dog, and it can be as fun as playing fetch. As with any other form of training, it’s important to warm up your dog first. Take your dog for a short walk or a play session before using the flirt pole. Once your dog is warmed up, give him time to cool down.

Flirt poles are available at local pet stores and online. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can make your own flirt pole using a PVC pipe and some rope or string. Then, tie a toy to the end of the pole.

Flirt poles are a fun way to bond with your dog. They help your dog learn impulse control and give them a great workout. You can also use a small flirt pole to train inside your home. It’s a great way to tire your dog and bond with him.

Exercise toy

An exercise toy for flirt pole can help your dog learn to control his or her impulses, improve his or her body language, and learn to be calm. A flirt pole consists of a short wooden or plastic pole with a long rope and lure attached at one end. You can change the lure to suit your dog’s temperament and exercise goals. The poles can range in length from three to five feet. They are similar to fishing poles in their construction and size.

A flirt pole works the same way as a cat teaser, but is designed for more challenging play. Its goal is to teach your dog to follow the bait, and as it becomes more skilled, the challenge increases. It’s an excellent tool for improving a dog’s endurance and agility and teaching it to change directions.

If you are not sure how to train your dog to use a flirt pole properly, it’s best to talk to an experienced trainer. Kellie Whitehead, owner of IKONIC Canine in San Diego, has six years of experience using flirt poles as a training tool. She has worked on numerous projects and has even worked with a famous dog named Ruger. Last summer, Kellie was also the Assistant Director of the TV show Saving Private K9, which debuted on The Sportsman Channel.

Flirt pole exercises are a great way to get your dog moving. Your dog can get a great workout, and a ten-minute session can be as tiring for your dog as a one-hour walk. In addition to being fun, flirt pole exercises can help your dog improve its self-control and train new behaviors.

Flirt poles are similar to cat feather teasers, and work on your pup’s prey drive by attracting him to chase the lure. Flirt poles can also help train your pup to develop impulse control and patience. The use of this toy is similar to a cat tickler, but unlike a cat, the flirt pole is not as scary as it might sound. In fact, the flirt pole’s name is just a shortened version of the cat tickling pole.

Reward toy

Using a flirt pole is a great way to teach your dog impulse control. Impulsivity in dogs can take on many forms, from snatching food to jumping on people. Teaching your dog impulse control will help him develop self-control, patience, and focus. It will also help your dog avoid a variety of behavior problems that can occur as a result of impulsivity.

Flirt poles are perfect for dogs with a high prey drive and are great for training your puppy or dog. They are inexpensive and durable and can last for a long time. Dog owners can make their own flirt pole or purchase one that is designed to fit on a pole.

Using a flirt pole can help you teach your dog various commands and increase their focus levels. They can also be helpful when training a dog to bite or chase. Even if your dog has a large hole in the chase cup, it should still practice and learn more. You can use a flirt pole to help your dog reduce the amount of unwanted behavior, but you may still see some undesirable behaviors.

Flirt poles can be used as a stand-alone item or a reward toy for heel training. They are easy to switch out, and can be easily interchanged for a different reward. Sheepskin and suede flirt pole toys are ideal for young puppies. Depending on the hide used, these toys may vary in length.

Flirt poles vary in length and are adjustable. Make sure to choose one that fits the area where you plan to use the flirt pole. If the pole is too short, it will inhibit interaction between you and your dog. Otherwise, it will be cumbersome for the handler and may make movement of the ‘prey’ difficult.

Flirt poles are a fun way to exercise your dog, and they also help with impulse control and bonding between you. Flirt poles are best used outdoors, but you can use them indoors as well.