If you’re looking for a closet organizer, you’ve come to the right place. The Home Depot has a variety of different types of closet organizers. From simple shelves to complex systems, there’s an organizer to meet your needs. If you’re ready to make your closet a functional, attractive space for your belongings, read on for helpful tips.

ClosetMaid Selectives 415-inch Stackable 7-Shelf Closet Organizer

If you’re looking to maximize the space of your closet, the Closet Maximizer is the way to go. It offers up to 8 feet of shelves and 24.5 extra inches of rod space. The shelving is made of solid laminate wood to prevent snags and rips. The shelves are spaced 12.5 inches apart and can hold multiple stacks and bins of clothes.

Closet organizers come in many styles and sizes, and you can find one to fit your needs and budget. ClosetMaid Selectives 415-in Stackable 7-Shelf Closet Organizer is available in white and is 7 32 99 per shelf. You can also buy other popular closet organizers at Macy’s and Lowes.

Choosing a design that fits your closet can be tricky. Choose a unit that has enough space to store the items you want to keep. Make sure to check measurements before purchasing. If you’re going with a modern style, a black metal shelving system might not look right.

Before buying a closet organizer, you’ll need to go through your wardrobe to determine what items you need to put in it. For example, a two-tier garment rod is ideal for dress shirts and a tower unit with shelving in the middle is good for handbags. Afterwards, you’ll need to sort out the clothes that you don’t wear anymore.

If you want to save space in your closet, you may want to buy an Expandable Closet Shelf Kit. This kit is a great choice for closets that are four to eight feet in length. It’s affordable and offers versatile shelving and hanging rods.

ClosetMaid Selectives

ClosetMaid offers a variety of options when it comes to closet organizers. There are easy-to-install kits, individual narrow and standard-width tower units, and many storage-savvy accessories to choose from. The ClosetMaid Selectives 3-Shelf White Stackable Corner Organizer, for example, features two fixed shelves and one fully adjustable shelf for easy placement and adjustability. Made of durable laminate, this unit can be free-standing or wall mounted, allowing you to create a space-efficient closet organization system.

ClosetMaid offers stylish products for both large and small closets. Their ShelfTrack wire shelving system is adjustable so that homeowners can customize the system to fit their needs. ClosetMaid’s modular shelving system allows homeowners to choose different heights for their shelves, making it an ideal option for homes and businesses of all sizes.

ClosetMaid Selectives 25-Inch White Custom Closet Organizer provides plenty of storage space for your clothes. The unit offers 8 feet of shelf space and 24.5 extra inches for rods. The adjustable shelves feature solid laminate wood shelving to prevent snags from your garments. The shelves are spaced 12.5 inches apart, making them ideal for storing stacks or bins of clothes.