Small shoe storage for your entryway doesn’t have to be expensive. You can create a functional yet stylish bench with built-in shoe storage. You can go for a simple A-frame design with a colorful upholstered top. You can even do it yourself for a budget-friendly option.

DIY shoe cabinet

A shoe cabinet in your entryway is a great way to add more storage space to your home. Whether you have a small entryway or a large one, a DIY shoe cabinet can help you keep your shoes organized and out of sight. This simple project uses scrap pieces of melamine to create a practical, attractive solution. The plans come with cut lists and a full set of instructions.

If you don’t have the budget to purchase a fully-custom shoe cabinet, you can use an IKEA shoe cabinet to create a stylish solution. It can also double as a console table in your entryway. This stylish way to store your shoes will match the rest of your home’s design.

Another option is to use leftover planters to create a shoe display. This is a simple DIY project that requires only a trip to the hardware store. It works well for displaying your favorite heels, as well as for keeping your entryway floor clear. This entryway storage solution also utilizes hangers and shelves so that you can easily locate a pair of shoes. This DIY entryway storage solution is inexpensive, and can be easily customized with any colors you want.

Another simple option for a DIY shoe cabinet is to build a shoe rack. There are many options for placement, and you can easily add a wooden shoe rack to any closet. Alternatively, you can mount it inside the closet door. In any case, you can rotate the shoes to change up the appearance.

If you don’t have the time to build a shoe cabinet, consider using a painted bucket or galvanized tub. These DIY shoe racks can be built yourself and will save you a lot of floor space.

Hall tree

The simplest way to keep a hallway tidy is to keep shoes out of sight. However, day-to-day efficiency requires that you be able to access them easily. To solve this problem, you can invest in a storage bench with open spaces underneath. These benches can help you keep your shoes out of sight while still being easily accessible.

You can also invest in a shoe display that will look attractive while holding a few pairs of shoes. You can build this type of shelf within minutes with the help of a few adjustable rods. Moreover, this method will keep your entryway floor clear and will allow you to show off your favorite heels without crowding the entrance. In addition, you can also use stylish wire baskets to store your thin sandals.

Another great way to use small shoe storage in your entryway is by upcycling an old crate. You can paint it to match your decor and add a handle to pull it out from under furniture. You can also add a label to the crate that says “shoes.”

Another great option is a bench with shoe storage drawers. You can find many designs and styles online. You can even make an IKEA shoe cabinet look like a built-in piece. You can also use an oversized woven basket as shoe storage. However, this option is not ideal if you have more than one person living in the home. Alternatively, you can use a hallway-style locker setup to store your shoes. It will allow you to have many pairs of shoes on display at one time.

The entryway is the first impression that guests have of your home, so it is vital that the design and style of your storage unit complements the style of your home. A contemporary-style home might opt for a sleek metal frame shoe organizer, while a traditional home may opt for a rustic, farmhouse-style unit.

Ladder bookshelf

A small ladder shelf is a functional storage solution for an entryway. A ladder shelf can hold up to 18 pairs of shoes, and it can also be a place to store purses and bags. It’s popular in DIY channels and can be fashioned from an old ladder or an A-frame ladder. Just lay boards across the rungs and you’ll have a simple, stylish and functional shelf.

A ladder is an affordable, unique way to create extra storage space in an entryway. Ladders come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be used to display a variety of items. The narrowest ladders are perfect for small entryways, and they’ll give you plenty of room to display decorative items. An empty paint can also makes an excellent sandal storage solution. Another plus is that they’re easy to attach to a wall, saving you valuable floor space.

Another useful storage option for an entryway is a ladder bookshelf. Not only is it a practical way to store shoes, but it also looks pretty and makes a great first impression. This versatile piece of furniture can also be used for other purposes throughout the home.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can always DIY a small shoe rack. You can find plans at These racks are perfect for a small entryway, and you can even sit on them while putting on your shoes! This is a great option for homes with small children, as it provides comfort while putting on shoes.

You can also use a magazine rack for small shoes. This is a great idea if you have small kids because you can easily remove their shoes and still have a clean and orderly entryway. The magazine rack also allows you to group shoes by type.

Galvanized buckets

Galvanized buckets are a lovely home accessory and can serve as an attractive place to store shoes. They can be painted to match your decor, and can be tucked beneath coat racks or along walls. You can even use them as a decorative accent on a table or bench in your entryway. Whether you choose to use a single galvanized bucket or a series of them, they will be a stunning addition to your entryway.

When selecting shoe storage, think about what types of shoes you have and the size of your entryway. For example, a pair of high heels will take up more space than a pair of sneakers. A standard shoe will take up about nine inches of space. But if you have larger shoes, you’ll need a bigger storage area.

Old paint buckets are another inexpensive, creative way to create a small entryway shoe storage solution. These buckets are often lying around the garage or basement. Make sure to clean them out first. Next, you can paint them with metal-specific paint. If you don’t feel comfortable painting them, they also look great without paint.

Another stylish way to store your shoes is to use copper piping. This shoe rack will make a stylish addition to your entryway and will also help prevent soggy bottomed shoes. It’s a simple project and can be made from parts available at your local hardware store. A hallway bench with open wide shelves is another great entryway shoe storage solution that is functional and provides a place to sit.

Another great shoe storage solution is repurposing old crates. Paint the crate in a color that matches your decor. Then, simply label it “shoes.” Creating a tidier entryway can be a fun, inexpensive project. The right storage solution will make your entryway a more attractive refuge for visitors.

Hidden shoe rack

A hidden shoe rack in your entryway can be built easily and inexpensively. It’s a great way to show off your best heels and keep the floor clear. You can use adjustable rods to create a shoe display with shelves and hangers. One of the best things about this system is that you can easily rearrange the shelves for different shoes, but it still maintains a narrow design.

A shoe rack with a carousel feature works like a lazy Susan and can hold up to 30 pairs of shoes. The hooks are perfectly spaced and can also be installed for hats. The shoe rack can be made from solid wood and topped with a comfortable cushion for comfort.

A cabinet shoe rack is another great option. These units come in a variety of colors and allow you to customize the height of the shelves to accommodate the type of shoes you wear most often. Another great option is a three-tier shoe rack that has adjustable shelves. This type of shoe rack can accommodate flats, boots, and sneakers. There are many different colors available, and you can stack two to four to create a larger shoe rack.

Adding a shoe rack in your entryway can solve a number of problems. You can also make your own shoe rack if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. You can use metal pipes, wood, or other materials to create your own custom system. You can even paint it any color you want!