Salts Worldwide Inc. makes several different types of salted and unsalted candles, but one thing that separates them is the way they are crafted. Some of the popular styles include petite, tall and flat.

The petite style can be a little more intricate than the others, but can also be crafted into unique shapes for the display case. It is also relatively inexpensive and can add a beautiful touch to any candle holder or container. The Petite Smokey Fleur De Sable is produced by the Worldwide company with a rich yellow-brown base with a silver fleur de sel at the top.

The tall style has a slightly more complex look to it, with darker colored pigment added to the base wax and then topped with an iridescent red fleur de sel on top. Some tall varieties are produced in two piece sets, while others are produced as single pieces.

The petite fleur de sel is quite small and is usually displayed in a two piece unit. Because of its size, it is difficult to use for decorative purposes, but can still look fantastic when displayed in a fashionable glass container or display box.

The flat style is the most common and may be the easiest to find. A flat candle without the fleur de sel is generally much easier to purchase than a petite or tall style.

A lot of people tend to have the petite and tall styles, but the flat style can also be found in a variety of different scents. Candles in this style have a much more contemporary look to them, but can still look fabulous when used for centerpieces.

Smoked fleur desel styles can be purchased in regular scents, but also in some natural scents. These types of candles are more rare and often requested more often than their counterparts.

Candles with these kinds of scents are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, but are also more expensive. Because of their additional cost, many people prefer to only purchase a smokey scent whenever they need one.

Worldwide also makes a traditional scented candle, called a tall scented candle. A tall candle can be either square or rectangular and features dark colored and scented wax that is molded to resemble a fleur de sel.

The price range for these is in the high hundreds of dollars, but some people find the universal scents to be very affordable. Worldwide is also known for being known for using natural ingredients in their scents.

If you would like a unique and unusual way to decorate your home or office, consider purchasing a smokey scent candle. Many of the candles for sale do not have the traditional white wax, but the smokey scent will bring a beautiful atmosphere to any area.

Worldwide has created a line of beautiful scented candles that are a wonderful gift for any occasion. They have a wide variety of candles for sale in a wide variety of scents and sizes.