If you’ve ever wanted to transform your home into a colorful utopia, then a rainbow home edit may be just what you’re looking for. Whether you’d like to create an office or playroom filled with colorful objects, there are a number of tips and tricks you can follow. You can even hire a mural artist to decorate one of the walls.

Color-coordinated closets

To make closet organization fun, color-coordinate your clothes. Try using the ROYGBIV color order, which stands for red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. Then, sort the clothes by color, starting on the left and working your way to the right. This will make your closets look like a rainbow.

You can use a color-coordinated closet system in many ways. Some people choose to group colors together, while others prefer to organize by season or category. Whatever color scheme you decide to use, the main point is to make sure everything has a place and everything is easily accessible.

Color-coordinated closets are the latest trend in home organization. Many TV and magazine personalities swear by the trend, and for good reason. It looks incredibly chic. You won’t believe the difference it makes in your wardrobe. It will be so much easier to organize your clothes and save a lot of space. It will also make them easier to find when you need them.

One of the biggest drawbacks of color-coordinated closets is the upkeep. The process of organizing your closets takes time. You have to keep track of the clothes you purchase. It takes a lot of time to dry clean and put them back in their color-coordinated spots. However, if you wash your clothes regularly, it won’t be as much work.

A good way to make your closet look colorful is to hang your clothes by color. This will make it easier for you to find the perfect item of clothing. You can even group colors according to the type of garments. This way, you won’t be forced to look through every single garment in your closet.

Color-coordinated closets will also make it easier for you to get ready in the morning. Organizing your closets properly will make it easier for you to wear more outfits. Moreover, it will help you save time on getting ready in the morning. So, if you are thinking of organizing your closets, start by thinking about the colors you wear most often.

Color-coordinated closets can also be space-saving. Having different sizes and shapes of hangers can be distracting and cause threads to break. A uniform style makes everything look uniform. You can even get space-saving hangers such as non-slip velvet and clear acrylic.

Color-coordinated bookshelves

The popularity of color-coordinated bookshelves in the Rainbow home has been met with some criticism, mostly related to the way books are organized. The idea has caused a lot of controversy, particularly after Jennifer Wright tweeted about how she arranged her books by color. However, the backlash has mostly been directed towards Wright’s original tweet.

While color-coordinated bookshelves have been around for years in bookstores, this trend has only recently made its way into homes. A Design Observer article by Rob Giampietro, a home decorator, was one of the first to consider this trend. In the article, Giampietro predicted that color-coordinated bookshelves would soon become a trend.

Chotda has taken the idea to the next level by organizing her library by color of the book jacket. She has also uploaded photos of her rainbow shelf on Flickr, where it has been getting plenty of attention from the web. Her rainbow shelf is now being shared by the world through a photo pool titled The Rainbow of Books.

While color-coordinated bookshelves are great for organizing books, they can also be unattractive if all of your books have the same cover color. For an even more visually appealing display, try breaking up rows of books. This way, the shelves will be easier to manage. When arranging books, keep in mind the height of the books and how they will look on the shelf.

Color-coordinated toys

A popular Instagram trend involves organizing your stuff in a rainbow-colored fashion. The creators of The Home Edit have become notorious for organizing their belongings in this way. In February, the Netflix show debuted, and fans are still swooning over its rainbow-colored designs. Even the company’s employees are dressed in the rainbow-striped look.

Organizing by color creates a playful environment for kids and a stylized space for adults. The rainbow system is an excellent way to organize toys, books, art supplies, pretend food, and other items in a playful way. It also makes clean-up a fun activity. The rainbow home edit also encourages children to keep their belongings neat, as toys tend to become outdated in a hurry.

The Home Edit follows a rainbow-color-coded color scheme in its new home office. It uses a rainbow-colored wallpaper, horizontal color bands, and shelves to display matching objects. Items include marigold pillows, lavender toy trucks, and chartreuse pinatas. As rainbows are perky avatars of abundance, the rainbow color scheme is a playful approach to home organization.