If you’re looking for a soft, silly cat toy that contains catnip, you might want to look into the Tabby Taco Catnip and Silverline Cat Toy. These toys are made of pure, pesticide-free catnip that your cat will love. They also contain an all-natural catnip alternative called Silvervine, which produces a similar reaction as catnip. This toy is ideal for cats that aren’t affected by the smell of catnip.

Size of taco cat toy

Whether your cat is a big fan of tacos or just wants a fun toy to play with, there is a taco cat toy for him or her. This toy is filled with catnip and is shaped like a taco. It is very durable and easy to clean. Your cat will love playing with this toy because it will provide hours of entertainment for him or her.

There are many different options for this fun cat toy, and it is sure to please your feline friend. These cat toys are made from a durable polyester material. Some are made with catnip, while others use a safe alternative called silvervine. They are made in the USA.

Quality of taco cat toy

A good cat toy is one that will engage your cat’s attention and keep them entertained for hours. A taco cat toy is designed with premium quality, non-toxic materials. It features a satin cord and is stuffed with fiberfill and super-charged organic catnip. Cats will love this toy’s fragrance and will be clamoring for a chance to snag it with their claws.