Fat Cat on a Mat is an adorable book that will make you smile every time you see it. Nurit Karlin, the author of I Can Read Books and Fat Cat on a Mat, is a New York-based author. She has written numerous children’s books, including a popular series of picture books that will teach young readers how to read.

Fat Cat on a Mat

Fat Cat on a Mat is a classic illustrated phonics story, with rhyming text and stylish illustrations. It’s a great read-aloud for young children and parents. The story begins with a fat cat, who is unable to get off his mat. Meanwhile, a rat tries to push him off but is unsuccessful.


Designed for your furry friend, the Fat Cat Mat is a great place to exercise and relax. It is made of durable canvas and filled with organic catnip. The mat is large enough for your cat to sit on and is the perfect place to play, knead, sleep, and scratch.


The Fat Cat wool rug is an extremely comfortable addition to any living room or bedroom. Its plush wool is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms, and any other room where you want rich comfort. This rug comes in a variety of natural undyed colors and blends well with almost any design scheme.


The Rat tries to pull the fat cat off the mat. In fact, he usually tries to get the fat cat out of the mat, but the fat cat always tries to rest in a vat. It is not an easy task, but the Rat’s efforts eventually succeed. Nurit Karlin is the author of I Can Read Books and The Fat Cat Sat on Mat. She lives in New York.