If you’re thinking of getting a cat, but are hesitant to pay the high price tag of a British Shorthair kitten, the white Maine coon is a low-cost option. They’re also not aggressive towards other pets, including dogs. And most Americans love playing with them, so they’re an excellent choice for those on a budget.

White Maine Coon

If you’re looking for kittens for sale, consider a white Maine Coon. These cats are playful and don’t mind other pets. They have short legs and a long body, so they will fit nicely in your arms. You can even adopt one at a very affordable price.

This breed of cat is also known as the gentle giant. Its short coat has a white ruff along its chest. Their dynamic bone structure and double-layered coat make them great pets. They also get along well with other pets and children. They don’t require a lot of grooming, and they have a high level of affection.

White Maine Coon kittens for sale can be found from several sources. One of the best places to buy one is from a reputable breeder. In New York, the Shubacoons Maine Coon Cattery is an excellent choice for quality kittens. They have CFA Cattery of Distinction status, and their kittens are hand-raised by the owners. The owners never confine their cats, and the kittens are raised underfoot. They are also given routine wellness visits, which ensures their health.

A Maine Coon kitten will grow into an adult cat that weighs around 15 pounds. They will usually put on half a kilo of weight within a year. Females are slightly smaller than males, but both are very similar in size. Despite their size, they are very social and enjoy spending time with their owners. These playful kittens are also excellent with children and are great for families.

White Maine Coon kittens for sale are beautiful and lovable cats. While they are not common, they can be highly cherished. If you want to buy a kitten, make sure you read the breed description carefully. White Maine Coon cats are highly disease-resistant, and require a high protein routine in order to stay healthy.

British Shorthair

If you are looking for a kitten that will be low-cost to maintain, you might consider a White Maine Coon kitten for sale. These pets are not aggressive and are generally gentle and friendly with other pets, including other cats. This cat is also good with dogs, which is why many people like to adopt them.

White Maine Coons are generally disease-free and are healthy throughout their lives. They do require a regular protein routine in their diet to stay in top shape. Their long, slender bodies fit perfectly into your arms. They are energetic and love to play. White Maine Coon kittens for sale are also good for a family with children.

White Maine Coon kittens can be either male or female, and the males are generally bigger than the females. White Maine Coons gain about half a kilo in a year. In their teenage years, they can become quite long and lean, while the females become very thin. The male Maine Coon usually gains six to nine kilograms of weight, while the female can gain between four and six kilograms. Both males and females look alike, and their coat colors and personality are similar.

While there are many Maine Coon breeders who sell kittens, the most ethical and reliable ones are registered breeders. Although they can be more expensive than unregistered breeders, registered breeders are the safest options. Registered breeders ensure that the cats they breed are purebred and have the necessary pedigree papers.

If you’ve found a breeder on the internet, be sure to make contact with the person. If you feel that the breeder is legit, call the person and ask for a FaceTime or Zoom session to talk more about the kitten in person. If you’re not comfortable speaking with the breeder, you can also face-time or chat via Google Duo. Don’t let a scam breeder steal your money.

Hearing loss

Deafness is a common genetic defect that affects one or both ears in white maine coon kittens. The cause is degeneration of the auditory apparatus in the inner ear. It is usually detected during the first several weeks of life, but can occur later. In some cases, hearing loss is permanent.

Fortunately, not all Maine Coon cats are deaf. It is possible for a cat to be deaf if it has an all-white coat, but the risk is significantly increased in cats with blue eyes. A white kitten may have a forty or even fifty-percent chance of being deaf if the white parent is also a blue eyed cat.

While most white coon kittens do not exhibit any signs of hearing loss, deafness can also be congenital. Although a cat with congenital deafness may not know it is missing one of its senses, cats with hearing loss may have behavior changes and try to clear debris from their ears.

In this study, 67 solid-colored white kittens were evaluated by BAER (Brainstem auditory evoked response) tests. Of these, 19 were clinically normal while the rest were unilaterally deaf. In addition to this, the study found that a solid-white sire produced three deaf kittens.

While deafness in cats is not curable, early diagnosis can minimize the damage done to the ear. During the exam, your veterinarian will review the history of your pet and examine its ears for signs of hearing loss. If your kitten is deaf, he or she will recommend the necessary treatments.

Deafness in white cats is a genetic trait that can be caused by a single gene or by several. It may affect one ear or both ears, or it may affect both ears and eyes. The prevalence of deafness in white cats varies geographically.

Blue eyes

A Blue eyes White Maine Coon kitten for sale has a long white coat, which makes them unusual among Maine Coons. They are great pets for families as they aren’t aggressive and will tolerate teasing and attention, although you should keep younger children away from them. These cats are very talkative and love to chat with you. Some owners even say they have long conversations with them.

Choosing a Maine Coon from a breeder near you is always the best option. The cost is lower than that of a British Shorthair kitten and the breed isn’t aggressive towards other pets. This makes them a perfect choice for people who love to play with dogs and don’t mind living with a cat that is mixed with dogs.

The Maine Coon is one of the biggest cats in the world. The longest recorded cat was three feet and eleven inches long. It was the only domestic cat to be that large. Their lack of pigment in the skin makes them prone to skin cancer, particularly around the ears. Therefore, it’s important to protect their skin from the sun and avoid exposing them to the elements.

Despite their size, the White Maine Coon is a friendly and affectionate cat. They are playful and loving and can be housebroken or kept in a farm. They are also extremely intelligent and can be trained to perform tricks. The white Maine Coon makes an excellent family pet and a great companion for any home.

When choosing a breeder, you should always check their registration credentials and the health history of their kittens. It’s important to find a breeder with experience and who has a long track record of breeding Maine Coons. Buying a Maine Coon kitten from an inexperienced breeder can lead to disappointment.


Buying a white Maine Coon kitten can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $2,200, depending on the breed. You should ensure that the breeder you are dealing with breeds purebred kittens. If you’re looking for show-quality kittens, you can expect to pay more than that.

Vaccinations and initial veterinarian visits can add up to a hundred to two hundred dollars. Your Maine Coon should be vaccinated against feline viral rhinotracheitis, distemper, and rabies. These services can be expensive, but they help your kitten grow healthy and live a long and healthy life. In addition to vaccinations, you’ll need to purchase a cat license and health certificate. These documents must be signed by a veterinarian.

Other expenses you’ll have to budget for include food and litter. You’ll need to purchase dry cat food and wet cat food. You should also purchase treats. A single packet of cat treats can cost up to $50. Also, you’ll need a bowl that fits your Maine Coon kitten well and prevents spilling. A good bowl can cost anywhere from $10 to $25. You’ll also need to buy a litter box. Litter boxes can cost anywhere from $20 to $160.

You should also make sure the kittens you are considering are fully vaccinated. The vaccination records of Maine Coon kittens should be full and up-to-date. The best way to do this is to ask the breeder to provide the vaccination records. If the breeder doesn’t have these records, you can always contact your vet and verify the information. Registered breeders should also provide pedigree certification paperwork, which is proof that your kitten is purebred and not a crossbreed.

White Maine Coons make great pets. While they’re playful and friendly, they don’t mind spending time on their own. But if a family member is home, they’ll want the attention. They’re also great talkers. Many owners report having long conversations with their kitties.