This list of the greatest viral videos on YouTube includes both recent hits and relics of past times. It is important to remember, though, that not all viral videos are great and go super-viral. This means that you may have a favorite that we have missed on this list.

Antoine Dodson’s “Criminal”

After Antoine Dodson released his viral video “Criminal,” he became an internet sensation. This viral video evoked racial and gender stereotypes, and did so while bringing sexual violence against Black people to the public eye. It also challenged the normative gaze of White society by making Black men visible. However, Dodson’s over-exposure rendered his wife, Kelly, virtually invisible. In addition to the viral video’s impact on social media, the video was featured on national television and in print, and even performed live with Michael Gregory at the 2010 BET Hip Hop Awards.

The video has spawned several reactions from celebrities and news outlets. CNN highlighted the Afro-wig, which may promote controversial practices. CNN pointed out that the video’s creator hired an attorney to handle media and social media issues. The rap artist also has an official website and Facebook page where fans can donate to support him and his family. The video also features an advertisement for merchandise featuring Dodson’s catchphrases, which has already begun to sell online. The proceeds from these items will go to his family to help them get out of the projects.

The video sparked a debate around racial stereotyping. Dodson says that he too has been the victim of sexual violence. He suggests that a community-based accountability model could help reduce the incidence of sexual violence in a community. Furthermore, he admits that he was raped, which further reinforces the ethos of rape activism.

Since his release, Dodson has pursued a variety of business ventures. He has sold t-shirts highlighting the album cover art, developed a Halloween costume based on his outfit, and has also launched an application for smartphones called “Sex Offender Tracker”. All these endeavors have helped him earn money for his family, which is based in the Lincoln Park housing project. However, he has also been arrested for marijuana possession and for violating noise ordinances.

After Dodson’s video went viral, he received attention from local television stations and became an overnight internet sensation. The news coverage helped him get publicity and even received a Halloween costume based on the news appearance. The video is currently viewed over 79 million times on YouTube.

Dodson’s viral video has been met with mixed reactions. Many people thought that the video was satirical and appropriated Dodson’s own story. But while the intention was to be entertaining, it ended up making black poverty seem like a spectacle. Despite the fact that Dodson’s plight was not a laughing matter, the video still fueled the stereotypes of blackness and black sexuality that have become part of black culture.

Dodson has become a cult figure for millions of young followers, and he is looking to move his family to a better neighborhood. The story of Antoine Dodson has raised questions about the future of black people and the democratic power of the internet.

Beyonce’s “Dancing with the Stars”

The episode of “Dancing with the Stars” that premiered on Monday night didn’t have a very positive vibe. For one thing, Adam Goodman took a shot at Beyonce during his critique of her performance. It didn’t help that Beyonce’s “Making the Gift” aired after the premiere.

In a new resurfaced clip, Beyonce’s former DWTS coach Tyra Banks has been called out for her “cruel” treatment of the singer. Many fans are calling for Banks to be fired from the show. Tyra Banks is no stranger to controversy, and had her own talk show in the 2000s. In the clip, Banks interviews Beyonce in 2008. Beyonce looks uncomfortable during the interview, and many viewers have pointed out that the singer rarely does interviews.

On Monday’s season premiere, Beyonce and her team will have several celebrity dancers. Some of them are familiar to fans of Beyonce’s music, such as Heather Morris, who was once a So You Think You Can Dance hopeful. Others include Nancy Kerrigan, a figure skater and Olympic gold medalist.

The show’s devoted dance night was a tribute to a special person in each star’s life. The paso doble performed by Ellen Keane and Stephen Vincent to Beyonce’s “Run the World” (Girls) was a tribute to Aisling Byrne, the DWTS contestant’s best friend.

The judges’ scores on the show are based on the 30-point scale. The highest scores are in green, and the lowest scores are in red. This is because the judges can award couples a maximum of thirty points. This is considered an extremely high score.

The four finalists performed two dances on the first night. The first dance was the same style that the couples performed in week four, with a switch-up of partners, and the second dance was a freestyle routine. In addition, the couples were given a freestyle routine that fused two styles previously learned.

Ashley Everett is another “Dancing With the Stars” star. She previously performed in a music video for Beyonce called “Single Ladies.” That video has received over six hundred million views on YouTube, and Everett has been working as a backup dancer for Beyonce since. She has also been featured in a commercial for Target.

Nick Offerman’s “Yule Log”

If you’ve ever wanted to watch a Christmas movie, “Nick Offerman’s Yule Log” will not disappoint. In the movie, Nick Offerman sits in front of a roaring fire drinking whiskey while watching video games. It’s almost like an ASMR experience.

Nick Offerman has a way of making his point with very little. In his latest Lagavulin commercial, he sits in a plush leather chair next to a flickering fire, holding a glass of 16-year-old single malt Scotch whiskey. In the 45-minute ad, Offerman stares into the camera and scratches his ear while taking slow sips. He doesn’t say a word.

Whether he’s gazing into the flames or simply relaxing, Offerman is in a good mood and makes a memorable guest. His meditative demeanor, tempered by his accent, is perfect for the role of the holiday-loving nerd.