Wildhaven Ranch

In Lake Arrowhead, California, you can visit the Wildhaven Ranch, a wildlife sanctuary and educational center. It is operated by the San Bernardino Mountains Wildlife Society. The ranch’s mission is to protect and rehabilitate non-releasable wild animals. It is open to the public, but you must make reservations to visit.

The ranch is a popular destination for families, as it features guided tours, natural habitats, and fun programs. The ranch has a booth open every day, and staff is focused on making each person’s visit a memorable one. Guests can learn about the different animals and their habitats through the booth personnel.

The Ranch also features a large variety of endangered and native wildlife from the San Bernardino Mountains. This sanctuary is a great place for kids to learn about the conservation of these animals and about coexisting with them. Wildlife representatives at the Ranch also help guests understand the importance of protecting our natural resources and wildlife habitat.

The ranch also offers guided tours on Lake Arrowhead’s Queen. These tours are one hour long and leave regularly at regular intervals. The guides will tell you about the history of the area and point out some of the sites you can visit later.

Heaps Peak Arboretum

Heaps Peak Arboretum is a 6,000-foot, 30-acre, horticultural preserve located on State Highway 18 near Skyforest. It features gardens, “animal tracks trail,” a mini-gift shop, and educational programs. The arboretum is free of charge and open all year. You can purchase an Adventure Pass at the Arboretum’s information booth or a local sporting-goods store.

The Arboretum is open for public access and offers spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. Children can enjoy the easy walk and dogs are welcome to join in on the fun. The Arboretum is approximately one-hour outside of Los Angeles. However, it is strongly recommended that you plan your trip early if you want to get the most from your experience.

Heaps Peak Arboretum is located in the San Bernardino Mountains. A half-mile-long trail provides easy access to this site, which is also wheelchair-accessible. The main trail is the Sequoia Trail, which covers approximately three-quarters of a mile and climbs 90 feet. Along the way, you can view a planted grove of giant sequoias and learn about other tree species.

There are over 30 species of plants at the Heaps Peak Arboretum. These include native perennials, wildflowers, and even a few introduced species. Many of the plants are native to the area and will grow well there. The Arboretum offers a detailed plant list that will help you choose the best plants for your garden.

Skypark at Santa’s Village

For the ultimate Christmas experience, consider visiting the Skypark at Santa’s Village in Lakearrowhead. Named for Santa Claus, the village is a holiday wonderland that offers rides, shops, and more. Now, the village has expanded to include the SkyPark.

Visitors of all ages can enjoy the Christmas celebrations at Santa’s Village. Activities include “Making Spirits Bright” Tree Lighting Parade, strolling characters, and Santa’s Village Puppet Theater. Kids can also enjoy the Yuletide Pop Up Promenade.

When it first opened, tickets to Santa’s Village cost only 30 cents. The property was a favorite with families, and celebrities were often spotted there. Actor Alan Ladd was one of the many famous guests. When the park closed, it was also a popular spot for teenagers and young adults to indulge their fantasies.

SkyPark at Santa’s Village is a great family destination, and will even have special events such as local’s day on Thursday, May 19. Locals are invited to enjoy rides, games, and activities for all ages. Located on 230 acres of natural forest, SkyPark at Santa’s Village offers something for everyone. Open-air activities and historic log cabin restaurants are popular attractions, and guests can even try their hand at bungee jumping and rock climbing.

The SkyPark offers a unique blend of Southern California elements. The ceremony is set against a backdrop of majestic mountains. Guests can also enjoy the scenic Whispering Pines Terrace just a short walk away. The venue can accommodate up to 250 guests.

Big Bear Alpine Zoo

If you’re looking for a family outing, the Big Bear Alpine Zoo is a great option. With over 250 animals from around the world, this zoo has plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy. There are also workshops and hands-on experiences available for families to get the most out of their vacation.

If you want to learn about the area’s history, you can visit the Mountain History Museum. It has exhibits of local history and features special historical events. This area is home to several famous movie stars, so you can meet them in person and learn about their past.

Another great activity in Lake Arrowhead is skiing. There are a number of ski resorts in the area. The Rim Nordic Ski Area is one of the best, and is especially beautiful during the fall. Once the snow melts, you can also go mountain biking or cycling.

Another fun activity in Lake Arrowhead is visiting the zoo. This is an incredible way to get up close to the animals and view their habitat. While you’re there, don’t forget to visit the lake. It is located amidst the San Bernardino Mountains, so you can’t miss it!

Nearby, if you want to spend the day outdoors, you’ll want to spend some time at Lake Gregory Regional Park. This park has several water slides and a swimming pool, plus there’s a lake where you can boat and catch trout. Whether you want to go hiking, mountain biking, or simply enjoying the beautiful scenery, there are plenty of activities in the area to keep you busy.

Mackay Park

Mackay Park is the only public park in Lake Arrowhead. Aside from its scenic views, it also features a rock climbing wall, playground, and gazebo. You can even barbecue if you want. If you’re looking for a place to hold a picnic, Mackay Park is the perfect choice.

If you’re a dog owner, Mackay Park is a perfect place to bring your pooch. This park has a dog area where you and your dog can run around and socialize with other dogs. There are no size restrictions, so your pup can run around without worrying about other dogs.

Audrey MacKay was one of the first chairwomen of the County Service Area 70 D-1 Dam Commission, which was formed in August 1974 to oversee the upkeep of the Papoose Lake dam. She later served as the chairwoman of the commission, which was established to monitor the construction of the new Lake Arrowhead dam. The commission acted as an eye and ear for the community.

There are several hotels in Lake Arrowhead. You can choose one near the Lake Arrowhead Village and the Lake Arrowhead Repertory Theatre Company. You can also find nearby restaurants and bars.