There are many different reasons why you might want to hire home organization services near you. If you’re moving, or even if you’re just going through a phase in life where you have a lot of clutter, a professional organization service can help you organize and transform your space. These services can help you make a big change in your life, and are a great way to get motivated to tackle the clutter.

Become Organized

Become Organized offers a range of services, including organizing and decluttering your home. Their expert team has the necessary skills and training to make your home and life more organized. They offer consultations, design assistance, and can even make purchases on your behalf. To find the right professional organizer for your needs, you need to consider several factors, including the level of involvement you want from the service.

Professional organizers typically work individually or in small teams. Some larger organizing companies may employ fifty or more employees. While both types of organizing professionals offer the same solution, you may feel more comfortable with a single professional. In either case, be sure that the individual is qualified and available. Working with a single organizer may also be more convenient.

Professional organizers should be certified and insured. Make sure to ask if the service provider is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). Members also have access to a professional community and a national conference. Organizing service professionals should adhere to a code of ethics.

You should also know the costs of organizing. The cost per hour varies, but the average cost is $50-$150 for a single session. Some services offer a discounted rate if you pay in advance.


Handy is an online marketplace that matches you with qualified companies for all of your home organization needs. The service was created to provide convenience, affordability, and quality for homeowners. The platform is available in 28 cities nationwide and is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The app can be used to find an organizer in your neighborhood, and the website makes it easy to hire an organizer.

Handy offers one-time services as well as scheduled cleaning plans. Prices vary depending on the size of your home. You can cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance for a $15 fee, or you can pay the full amount on the day of your scheduled appointment. The company also provides 24-hour customer support, so you can call them at any time with any questions or concerns.

Many homeowners find it helpful to hire a home organization service. These professionals can assist in removing excess clutter and organizing rooms. They are often hired for their organizational expertise and for the moral support they provide. They do not throw away items that are still usable, and instead will suggest storage options that will keep your belongings organized. You may also need to purchase storage containers or other solutions to help you keep your house organized.

Contained Home Organizers

If you’re in need of a professional to organize your home, you need to know where to find them. You can start your search online and get three quotes. Then, choose the professional whose services best fit your needs and your budget. You’ll want to be sure that you’ll be able to trust the service provider.

Many professional organizers offer additional services in addition to helping you organize your home. For example, they may provide you with storage containers. Others may include professional cleaning and furniture hauling. Make sure to get an estimate with detailed details about what’s included. The cost of hiring a professional organizer may differ depending on the level of service that you need.

If you’re going through a major life transition, look for an organizer that also offers therapeutic benefits. Whether you need help with organizing a small space or your entire home, there’s a professional near you who can help. You can also hire an organizer for a one-time project or schedule regular visits with them to get your home organized.

The cost of hiring a professional organizer depends on several factors, including experience and geography. However, a typical organizer will charge an hourly rate that ranges from $50 to $150 per hour. You can also choose a package deal with a number of organizers to get a discounted rate.

Liberate Your Space

If you are struggling with home organization, consider calling a professional organizer. Home organization companies like Liberate Your Space work to make your home more efficient. Whether you’re struggling with a cluttered closet or a crowded desk, a home organizing professional can help. Some companies specialize in certain areas of organization such as wardrobes, kitchens, or bathrooms.

Done & Done Home

Done & Done Home is a professional home organization service that offers professional de-cluttering services to make your home more organized. They use recycling and consignment to get rid of unwanted items. They also offer shelving solutions and help you hang artwork. In addition, they provide an online course that can help you create a better home organization system.

Many people hire these services to declutter their space, as well as organize their belongings. They are hired not only for their organizational expertise but also for their moral support. A good organizer will not throw away anything that is no longer used and will help you find appropriate storage for your items. If you are running out of space, they may even recommend storage solutions, containers, or other storage solutions.


Clutterbusters is a pioneer in the home organization service industry. They charge $75 per hour for organizing services. Unlike cleaning services, Clutterbusters uses containers, labels, and an eye for order to get your space organized. Then, they develop a system to keep it that way.

The Clutterbusters team is made up of highly trained hands-on organizers who love tackling tough organization projects. Their organizers have a lot of experience, logging more than 20,000 hours of organizing. Clutterbusters also offers free consultations. The company is known for its friendly, flexible scheduling, and offers weekend and holiday organizing.

The company has recently expanded into Texas, opening a new office in San Antonio. Its San Antonio location will be headed by Kay Gallegos, who started her company in Orlando four years ago. She is excited to serve the San Antonio area and help people become clutter-free. The company also offers a variety of services including move-out cleaning and odor removal.

Another company that offers professional home organizing services near me is Major Organizers. Their goal is to help people get back on track and enjoy their homes again. Founder Marina Radlinski founded the company with the goal of empowering people to find order in their lives. The team of professional organizers focuses on rearranging your belongings in a judgment-free manner. After the organizing process, clients receive guidelines for maintaining a clutter-free environment.