There are many things to do in McRae-Helena, New Brunswick. You can explore the town on foot, visit dog-friendly attractions, and experience the local cuisine. Read on to find out more about this town’s best attractions and activities. Here are some ideas to keep in mind when planning your trip.

Visit the historic town of McRae-Helena

If you love to explore new places and explore history, you’ll love visiting McRae-Helena. It’s a town with a lot to offer, from museums and galleries to restaurants and boutiques. You can even visit the town’s theatre for a cultural experience.

The two historic cities have been side by side for over a century, chartered in 1874 and 1890, respectively. In 2013, both cities began discussing merging, and on April 10, 2014, the two cities passed a joint resolution to pursue this goal. In January 2015, the newly consolidated city was incorporated, making it the first city-city government merger in Georgia since 1921. The city is known as the Crossroads City, a convergence point of five state highways and two major railroad lines. It has a rich political history and is home to the Sugar Creek Plantation, a popular attraction for tourists.

McRae-Helena is located about two hours from Atlanta and the Atlantic Coast. You can visit the town’s historic buildings and museums, including a replica of the Statue of Liberty. You can also enjoy golfing in the area, and you can watch thrilling horse races at Sweetwater Race Track.

Explore the small coastal village on foot

To see the best of McRae-Helena, explore the area on foot. You’ll discover a variety of shops and boutiques, a charming theater, and local history. You can even grab a cup of hot coffee in one of the many cafes.

If you’re looking for a cozy place to stay, consider the Capitola Hotel. It has 10 individually decorated rooms and is located within the village. The hotel’s proximity to downtown attractions makes it an ideal place to stay. It also offers a delicious Dungeness crab sandwich.

Visit the dog friendly attractions

Dog lovers can visit the many dog friendly attractions in McRae, NC. The area is home to 3 parks that welcome well-behaved dogs. Some parks allow well-behaved dogs to wander freely on leashes. You can also visit the Garden of the Gods Trading Post with your dog, which is dog friendly. This cozy patio is ideal for hanging out with your dog, as it’s cool and comfortable.

If you’re traveling to McRae with your dog, you can stay in a dog-friendly hotel. The Loews family of hotels has several dog-friendly accommodations. The Don CeSar Hotel, a 1928 pink palace, welcomes canines. The Loews Miami Beach Hotel is also dog-friendly, offering luxury, Art Deco-style rooms and suites.

Enjoy the local cuisine

When visiting McRae, Georgia, don’t miss out on the local cuisine. You’ll love the fresh, healthy produce served up by local restaurants. You’ll also have a chance to see how the city grows its food. For example, if you’re interested in raising chickens for eggs, McRae is a great place to start.