This cat toy is made from a realistic pizza slice that will satisfy your cat’s love of pizza. It also contains catnip to encourage playtime. The Pizza Cat Toy comes in a single piece, which is convenient if you don’t want to buy several. It also comes in a variety of colors.

Kittybelles Pizza Plush Cat Toy

A pizza-shaped catnip toy is a great gift for your cat, and it is sure to delight him or her for hours! This cat toy is made of ultra-soft baby plush with organic catnip hidden inside. It is made with no heavy metals or toxic dyes, and it complies with the American Association for the Study of Toy Safety (ASTM) and European EN-71 rules for safety.

Fuzzu Fast Food Gator & Pizza Cat Toy

The FUZZU Fast Food Gator & Pizza with Organic Catnip Cat Toy is a two-in-one toy for your cat. It looks like an alligator chasing a pizza and is filled with certified organic catnip. The toy is also made from non-toxic materials.

This toy has a catnip scent that will get your cat’s whiskers twitching and meowing. Your cat will want to swat and squish it around, and will be sure to eat it up! The fast food-themed toy is available in three designs, including a fish and taco or a gator and pizza.

Peppurroni Fish and Taco Gator & Pizza Cat Toy

Your feline companion will be enthralled by the Peppurroni Fish and Taco GATOR & Pizza Cat Toy, made from non-toxic materials. It features goofy eyeballs, adorable embroidery, and crinkles. These stuffed toys also contain organic catnip, which releases a delicious aroma when your cat plays with them.