There are several living room organization tips you can use to make your room more organized. These include rearranging your bookshelf, entertainment center, and coffee table. They can also help you organize your cords. Make sure to follow these tips so you can have a more organized space. You will soon see a difference in your living room.

Organizing your entertainment center

To organize your entertainment center, you need to divide it into different sections. Each section can have different types of items. Then, you need to keep them in their proper locations. This is especially important if you have a family with kids. For example, there may be separate areas for games, DVD players, cable boxes, portable speakers, and more. Creating zones can help you find items easily and make your home look neater.

You should not keep your entertainment center cluttered, as it can be unsightly and hard to locate items. Also, it’s important to keep it clean and well organized so that you don’t feel frustrated when you need to locate a certain item. This will make your entertainment center a functional hub of your living room.

You should make sure that the height and width of the entertainment center fit in with the width of the living room. The height of the entertainment center must be in line with the line of sight from the couch to ensure proper viewing. To make it look more elegant, you can place decorative bookends on it. You can find decorative bookends in many stores.

Another important aspect of organizing your entertainment center is the location of the cables. If you have cables hanging from the ceiling, consider putting them somewhere else so you don’t have to worry about them being seen. Also, organize DVD’s and other media components by removing their cases. This will save space. You can also organize board games and card games in different compartments. Stereos and speakers can also be stored in drawers.

An entertainment center can be a focal point in the living room. Besides holding your TV and cable box, it can house games, books, magazines, DVDs, remotes, and decorative items. It can also serve as a storage space for pillows, toys, and other items.

Organizing your bookshelf

Organizing your bookshelf in your home is a great way to improve the appearance of your room. You should make sure that all your books are placed in a logical order, preferably at eye level. This way, you can easily locate your favorite books. In addition to organizing your books, you can add visual interest to your shelves by stacking books of the same series.

A cluttered bookshelf can make a room look cluttered and doesn’t match the style of the rest of your home. To make your shelves look visually appealing, consider adding art, plants, or interesting vases. Also, line up your shelves along walls and under windows. Keep in mind that books of similar height should be grouped together to create a pleasing visual balance.

Another way to organize your books is by color. This is a very popular method. A bookshelf arranged by color can look stunning. But hardcore book lovers might balk at the idea. However, color-coded books are helpful to readers who can memorize the covers of books.

Whether you’re a classic reader or a newbie, you can add a personal touch to your bookshelf by highlighting your favorite books. You can use decorative tape or a beautiful photo frame to add character to your shelves. Or, you can simply place your favorite collection in the center of the shelf. Then, you can easily locate the ones that you haven’t read yet.

By learning how to use every inch of your bookshelf space, you can avoid buying another bookshelf to accommodate all of your books. It’ll also save you money in the long run. Buying a new bookshelf after a few years can be very expensive. So, by learning how to optimize your space on your existing bookshelf, you can save money on furniture while maximizing your space.

Organizing your coffee table

You can organize your living room’s coffee table in a variety of ways. You can use open shelving, storage baskets, or even closed doors to hide clutter. You can also use a glass top coffee table to maximize space. Stacking objects is also a great way to create interesting visual effects and fit more items into a small space.

For added visual interest, you can put decorative objects on top of the stack. You can add trays or jars with small items to hold your remote, coasters, or other items. These items can add style and function to your living room. For a rustic, outdoor theme, you may want to use a wicker tray.

Another great way to maximize space is to use oversized decorative bowls. They can store small objects, such as potpourri, or seasonal accents like pinecones and faux fruit. You can also use them to display matchbooks or other small items. It can be a great place to show off your favorite collections.

You can also add plants to your table for more style. Potted plants and succulents are a great way to add color and elegance to your living room. You can also purchase pretty vases for them from home stores or garage sales. Keep in mind that if you have children, they will most likely want to touch the table so be sure to include something they can grab and play with. A few children’s books and toys can be a fun touch. Also, be sure to use non-breakable decorative items and keep small children away from sharp corners.

Your coffee table is often the focal point of your living room. However, it can easily become a clutter magnet if it becomes a landing zone for small items. To avoid this, try these tips from Pottery Barn designer Nico De Swert.

Organizing your cords

There are a number of ways you can organize your cords, but one of the best ways is to keep them in a shoe rack. A hanging shoe rack can double as a cord organizer and is a great place to store unused cords and wires. You can also use a plastic bin to organize your cords. Plastic bins are also useful because they can also serve as storage for extra power strips and cable ties.

Organizing your cords can help you keep your room looking neat and tidy. For example, you can place cord organizers near your entertainment center or on a desk. The location you choose should be where your cords are most accessible. For example, if you have a large TV, you’ll probably need cords to plug it in. So, it’s best to keep cord organizers near the television so you can easily find the ones you need.

Another way to organize your cords is to use a media box. The media box can be divided into compartments, and colorful labels can help you keep track of each one. You can also use paper tubes to organize your cords. You can place them vertically or horizontally, or you can even place them at an angle.

If you’re unsure how to organize your cords, talk to a professional organizer. These professionals can show you how to organize your cords so that they won’t be an eyesore in your living room. They can also suggest products to help you eliminate tangles.

Organizing your remotes

If you want to keep your table tops looking less cluttered, consider investing in a remote holder. These stylish devices can hold anywhere from one to five remote controls. One option is a wooden remote control holder with two slots and a whitewashed finish.

Alternatively, you can buy a storage box that looks like a vintage hardback book. These boxes are perfect for hiding away remote controls and other small items. They can also be used to store bills and receipts. It’s a convenient way to store them out of sight and can help to keep your living room looking tidy.

Organizing your remotes in your living-room is easy when you have a convenient remote control organizer. You can purchase a small remote caddy that’s available in several different colors. This holder can be placed on the coffee table, side table, or ottoman. You can also use it to store office supplies, too.

Another solution to a messy living-room is to organize everything. Start by putting away toys and other clutter. If you have kids, teach them to put their toys away when not in use. Also, try to put your trash in the recycle bin and keep the coffee table clear of clutter. And corralling your remotes can help you keep your living room looking uncluttered.